Differences between a man and a woman


men and women at the toilet waiting

So women would rather pee on their pant than ease themselves outside the toilet…..incredible

man and woman in mirror
Really, women want big assets while men want six packs? When was the last time I imagined myself having six packs?
man woman color
Yes I agree with this one, most women are very sensitive to slight color differences, we men generally just know one shade of each basic colors.

man woman ready for work
Yes I agree with this one. Generally women spend a lot of time to achieve the perfect look before going out for work, although the 10 minutes above is a bit of an exaggeration , I will definitely need more than 10 minutes to get prepared for work.

man woman dress

Yes I agree to an extent with this. Men don’t have much clothes compared o women but they always have something to wear, women have lots of clothes but they always seem to be lacking clothes to wear, I mean generally. There is always a need for women to buy more clothes generally.

man woman hairdresser

Lol. This was an exaggerated one. What this seems like is that, women would spend a lot just to have very little changes done to their hair, while men would spend so little for more changes on their hair.
sharing a bed

Hahaha, I don’t really know if this is true, but I don’t think so, because I have shared a bed with a woman before, but on a serious note I think it’s true to a large extent.

looking passing woman

Lol, this was sexist. What abt if a sexy man is passing, what comes to the woman’s mind? And not every man is perverted.

man woman desktop

Lol sometimes true. Women use to have more stuffs on their home screen than men, generally.

man woman shampoo

Most times true, men don’t really pay much attention to the details of such products like the shampoo, but talking about gadgets, then men pay real attention to the details.

after breakup
I don’t know about others, but as for me, this isn’t true, reverse is the case. I am always a free man long after a break up without any regret, a man who has regrets long after a break up doesn’t know what he really wants.

man woman social network

Ohhh yes, this is generally true, women get more disturbed on social networks than men which is normal, because men do the chasing. Some guys too get disturbed on social networks because of their aura, and other factors too.