How to block spammers from calling you


block spammers from calling

How to block spammers from calling you.

In this post I am going to share with you, how to block spammers from calling you. We have  all had our shares of spamming from our network providers. I dont know about other countries, but i know about Nigeria where i am. We get annoyed when we receive calls from real numbers, only to discover it is our service provider calling us to advertise their services.

This is an annoying practise, and a lot of service providers in Nigeria are guilty of spamming their customers with calls and messages.

There is a solution for everyone now. Since I started using this method, I have not for once received any nuisance call from any service provider nor spammer.

There is an application that solves that problem, you can get it on Google play and it’s even multi platform. Truecaller is an application that generally helps people identify unknown numbers, and they recently extended their services to blocking spam callers.

How do they know the spammers? There is a feature in the application that allows you to flag a caller as a spammer, so when they get over 50 that flagged a caller as a spammer , the number get added to their directory as a spammer and is being fed to every truecaller application user worldwide to be blocked. Although the blocking is not automatic, you have to click on the block option in the truecaller application and then select “check for updates” and then apply the block list. Henceforth, if there is a call from any number added t their list of spammers , the call get blocked immediately that you don’t even notice it.

You get peace of mind, and it’s bad news to spamming network providers. I just hope truecaller don’t receive some sort of negotiation from network providers in order to remove their number from the spamming list. I hope they don’t think of doing that.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to drop your comments.