My experiences with meditation for a week.


my experiences with meditation for a week

I am going to share with you in this article, about my experiences with meditation for a week. I have seen people do meditation in movies but it never caught my interest. I used to think it was some sort of hypnosis that empties ones’ mind, which I thought was pointless; cos I have got such an imaginative mind,so why would I want to suppress my mind? I was so wrong.

We all get our fair share of thoughts, worries, desires, hopes, emotions and every other things that comes to our minds everyday. Some of which are peasant, some not so pleasant and some even depressing and overwhelming. These are the things that makes us humans, we are not cows that think of nothing but the next grass they are going to eat. It’s not news that some days we are down, some days we are up, and during those down days we tend to perform poorly in almost every activity we participate in.

A friend of mine introduced me to meditation. So I decided to give it a try. I downloaded two meditation application on playstore, “Calm” and “headspace”, so I followed the audio guide in the two applications for a week. As part of my experiences with meditation, I noticed that I was more at peace with myself and others. I was more focused in whatever I set to do, like when I want to read, I was more focused in what I was reading than I used to before. I also noticed I was less judgmental, more patient, more observant, happier and less reactive to people’s action. I acted less on my emotions, and i was more able to bring my mind back to a calm state whenever I was getting tensed.

I was involved in a chess competition in JCINUI(Junior Chamber International, Nigeria, University of Ibadan) despite not playing chess for over three months beforehand, I was able beat three people in a row, and got a gold medal for chess, just yesterday(6th day of my meditation), this was still the best of my experiences with meditation.

jcinui chess game medal

During these games, the benefits of the meditation I have been doing started becoming apparent. I was calmer and more focused than I used to be, in the chess game. I was able to analyse my game well with very little tension from my side. I wasn’t nervous throughout the game as I used to be.


I also noticed changes in the way I interact with other people. I no longer react out of anger to what people say/do like before. It’s not like I don’t ever get angry, but I was less affected by the anger. It’s so amazing being able to respond calmly to someone who I would normally lash out at. I am generally happier than I used to be, even though things aren’t happening the way I planned or expected.

Meditation has been a hammer on the nail’s head in my journey of self-mastery. You should definitely give it a try, meditation is for everyone, although it requires patience and consistency to benefit from it. It’s not a “do it and forget about it” process. It’s a journey. Something that is enjoyable. I particularly like this article that talks about meditation as an introduction for beginners.

If you would like to start your journey of meditation try this applications on playstore: Calm or Headspace