What is probing deep all about?

Hello reader. My name is Adeniran Dapo, the owner of probingdeep.com.ng. I am a medical student at the time of writing this article. I am also a part time programmer and a blogger.

What is probing deep all about?

I came about the name “probingdeep” because personally I like probing deep into matters, I love investigating things, finding out things by myself and looking for solutions. Every once in a while I would be posting about stuffs I discovered myself here on my blog. I noticed that there is very little or no Nigerian blogger that writes stuffs like this. Most bloggers in Nigerian are into entertainment, gossips and news. Very few or none of them is interested in “serious” blogging that requires lots of personal work and thinking.

I plan on establishing myself within the Probing Deep team among others.

Currently, some writers are joining this team, so I plan on building a team of good writers that would contribute to this site.

Once in a while I will also be writing on medical schools and books to read, being a medical student myself, I would love to contribute my own quota to the society. Stay tuned and be my audience.