How to fix cwm recovery md5 mismatch.

        Fixing cwm recovery md5 mismatch error solved!
        This takes you through the step by step procedure for solving cwm md5 mismatch.

If you have had this problem before or you are currently having this problem with your android phone,it means you are trying to restore your cwm backup but It’s giving you an error message like this below:


What clockworkmod is telling you is that,the backup file you want to use has been tampered with one way or the other, If not you won’t have a md5 mismatch.

Md5 is a hash used for crosschecking a file whenever it wants to be used to ensure that the original state of the file has not been tampered with,this is done to prevent problems with using the file,and to make sure the file is authentic. Google the rest. Let’s get to business.


Now that clockworkmod no longer trust your backup to be genuine, we would have to make clockworkmod skip the process of authentication, I.e skip md5 hash crosschecking. So it won’t give us the md5 mismatch error again.


Download ES file explorer from Google play store,If your phone can still boot fully,If not,you would need a pc to manipulate the "nandroid.md5" file in the backup folder of the clockworkmod folder,of your phone using the text editor of your pc,but in the case your phone is still working well,we would use ES file explorer to open the clockworkmod folder,then open the backup folder then open the nandroid.md5 file as a text. Click on edit and delete everything you see in this file,without leaving any space,then save it. After saving it, make sure the nandroid.md5 file size is 0mb If It’s 1mb it means you left a space after deleting it,delete the space and make sure It’s 0mb or 0kb or 0byte as the case may be then save it.
Now restore the backup file, and put a smile on your face.😝
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages caused by misinterpretations of the instructions given above,or any other means causing the damage.

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