Destroying your computer system with a simple batch virus.

What you are about to learn here is very dangerous to your computer system,and you accept the responsibility of whatever happens to your system after carrying it out.


Maybe you are angry with your computer system,or your system is frustrating you, you might be thinking of a way to destroy your system by wiping everything on the memory, But ofcourse your system would "die" once a crucial file important for the operation of your system is wiped,this is one of a million ways for destroying you computer system.

Let’s go———>

Open your notepad application and type the following;

del *.*

Then save this text file as any_name.bat (batch file) example save as completewiper.bat
del means to delete, * means any name before "." and the second * means any name after "." so this means that any file with any name and any extension that the  .bat file encounters would be deleted, and before you know What’s happening,it encounters a crucial system files and deletes it also,rendering your system useless.

Only way to revive your system is to reinstall your OS.

Please don’t use this against someone else computer, be responsible. You can use on your own computer or another person’s computer after asking for permission and telling them What It’s all about.

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