Life in chess.

Chess,as you already know is one of the best and oldest strategic board games and it has been around Since 6 A.D,Yes It’s as old as that.


This is my best game,it requires everything I love using Which is: strategy and tactic.

At first When you begin to learn chess,it seems kind of simple and plain and a bit boring, every move you make is like a random guess because you still haven’t started seeing possibilities in the game.

But as time goes on,as you begin to lose in this game,your brain starts getting excited to learn more about the game,you start realizing the powers of each piece,you begin to like certain pieces and hate some you don’t really know how to use. At other times you realise your beliefs of some pieces are wrong when you start discovering how powerful they are through their use, by an experienced chess player. That’s exactly how life is.

As you begin to experience things in life,you begin to have certain opinions about some set of people,you begin to underestimate and overestimate some people,until otherwise proved wrong.

Chess to me is life on a piece of board.

In case you are wondering,my best chess piece is the Knight


I love using Knight because it says a lot about me. Knights are unconventional, unpredictable, cunny and very flexible. They can launch surprise attacks at the least expected times,thats me! 😄 I get told more often than not that I am full of surprises, That’s why I always feel at ease using the Knight. I also like using the queen,but mostly in combination with the Knight and rook. Those three used together by me can create magic. 😜

The least piece I like is the Bishop,I just don’t feel that piece,although It’s powerful when used well,I usually involve it earlier to dispose them,If I am to trade pieces I rather trade my Bishop, although I don’t underestimate them,I just don’t like the piece.

Coming up soon: my strategies in the game of chess.


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