How I killed my shyness.

Ok,while I was still at Bowen university,I was a very shy guy,not just shy to the opposite sex But shy to both sexes ,there was always something pushing me back from starting a conversation with someone I really wanted to talk to for the first time,its always like "I will say the wrong thing" "I will get laughed at" "they would see me as a strange fella" bla bla. Talking to girls on a casual level was even more difficult for me. I always feel like they are watching every step I take and counting on every word I speak, So I was always over conscious around them.

Until one day.

Things started taking a U turn for me..

It all stared during our departmental dinner night,although it was done during the day,till afternoon time Sha. Each department would schedule a day for their own dinner night,during my own department dinner night I couldn’t dance because I knew a lot of faces there and Ofcourse they would focus their eyes on me that "see this gentle boy ooo now dancing as If there is no tomorrow " ,that day was somehow boring to me Sha,I didn’t dance. So I promised myself that I must dance,come What may ,in another department dinner night.

So I chose business administration department dinner night cos they had fresh and endowed babes there. So the party started,the most outgoing person was the first to come up stage and started dancing by himself,Soon others joined him,throughout those times I was planning how I would get up my sit without being noticed(silly me) . When I noticed that no one was looking at my side I just stood up like iroko tree still looking back to make sure no one was looking at me,then I started walking to the stage like a remote controlled robot.

I got on stage,everyone was dancing,I thought to myself, "no one is looking at me na,y am I shy?" So I started dancing the 1980’s dance  Lol,So I watched how some guys were dancing then I imitated their dance steps. I rocked girls that day ooo,I lost count of the amount of girls I rocked that day, Soon I discovered I wasn’t shy anymore.

"OMG I can’t believe this"
"Am I actually dancing among crowds in front of the audience "
"Wow am not shy again"
"I feel like Superman"
"Let me rescue the shy ones"

In my mind I was feeling So great,at last I killed my shyness. So i graced the opportunity to bring up the shy girls to the stage. Not in my widest dream did I see myself bringing up girls to dance on stage. The shyness vanished completely, it felt like I was never shy afterall.

Wait a second…….

I think I was never shy afterall…….

That was the shocking revelation.

It was that day I realised no one is Really shy. Those who think they are shy haven’t just overstepped their comfort zone,once you push your limits,once you do something you think you would never do,it is then you would realise you are not shy afterall. There are no shy people in this world,But they are people who haven’t left their comfort zone.

Leave your comfort zone,it may be difficult at first just focus your mind that you can’t afford to be shy again,and you would be amazed with the things that you would do out of boldness.

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    Mr ken

    (November 14, 2014 - 4:44 pm)

    Quite inspirational. Thanks for this post.

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