Healthy human moods and how to control them.


Anger, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety are a few of natural healthy human emotions which are induced mostly by external factors but sometimes originate from within the mind.

Let’s delve into what I have discovered about the natural human emotions and how someone can control them

Emotions to me are not induced by external factors directly but are determined by "meanings".

Whatever meaning we attach to an event or situation would determine the kind of emotions we feel towards it.

Whenever you attach negativity towards an event(example being slapped) even though you are feeling the physical effects(pain) of it,how you feel about it solely lies on the meaning you attach to the event(being slapped).

What am I talking about?

What would make someone slap you? You believe the person is angry or irritated by you to make he/she slap you, that is when the slap brings remorse or even anger or sadness depending on whatever meaning the slapped person attached to it; but in the case of being slapped jokingly while laughing, or being slapped for whatever reason aside a negative reason,the slapped would feel happy or even excited.

So that’s it. Once you start feeling bad about an occurrence, remember it’s not directly because of what is happening but because of the meaning you attached to what is happening.

It might be difficult to alter the meaning attached to some events like the death of loved ones because the effects are usually permanent, but it becomes easier When you realise you feel sad because of the value you attached to the person you apparently lost. If you don’t value someone and the person dies you won’t feel much grieve as you would with someone you value much.

So that’s the basic of what am saying,your emotions are solely tied to meanings(values) you attached to an event. Change the meaning/value and your emotions changes with it radically.

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