How I recovered my stolen money with the Bible.

While I was still at a college,I left my room without locking my wardrobe, by the time i came back I went to Check my wardrobe inside my suit I couldn’t find my one week food allowance.  

I couldn’t believe my eyes. That time I was very religious.

Do you know What the thief did. He took the money from my suit and replaced it with fifty naira( as a way of saying Thanks for the money man,manage this change).

I was infuriated.

I asked a friend to remind me the part of the Bible that God was cursing the Galatians, So he showed me the chapter in the Bible,So I took the fifty naira and prayed out very loudly, that the person that took my money and replaced it with fifty naira,all the curse that God placed on the Galatians shall be the person’s portion until the money is returned back to me, everyone was in the room that time,So I took the fifty naira and placed it in between that chapter in Galatians.

That day didn’t pass that my money returned back to the exact place Where I kept my money.


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