How superstition almost made me blind.

I went to buy food in a canteen,the woman that was selling the food was very flighty and rushy, So When she was about pouring stew into the yam, she threw some stew straight into my left eye. I started wailing,you know those kind of stew with extra ground chilli pepper(ata gungun),I started crying and shouting tapping my feet on the ground.

Guess What the woman did?

She opened a cold sachet water and poured it on my leg. 

I was still in pains ooo while she kept on pouring water on my leg.

Is this how silly superstition has made some people?

I dragged the water from her hand and poured it on my eyes.

Silly woman.

She wants to use her silly beliefs to make me blind.

Post Author: Dr Dee

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