Increase your android phone internal memory without link2sd pro.

Yeah…… it’s me again. 😄

Today,I am going to tell you a secret about having a very large internal memory free space. You hate seeing that message "your device is running low on memory" ,I hate it too,and developers aren’t helping matters.

You have to pay to free up your internal memory,can you imagine? 👿

There is an application on Google play called link2sd, it does the magic of freeing up your internal memory So that you can install more applications and update too.

But there is a problem. You can’t move application data unless you buy the pro version.

What i am about to tell you is bad business for the developers.
What you need:
1)A partitioned sd card(search, how to partition your sd card)
2)Link2sd latest version. (download from Google play or anywhere good)
3)smanager (download from Google play or anywhere good)

After partitioning your sd card,Which would format it also,install link2sd and select the appropriate option,I selected ext4 because I used cwm to partition my sd card. Please make sure you select the right option,if you used a pc to partition your sd card select ext2 in the link2sd application, after everything is set,you would have to reboot your phone and open link2sd, if no message shows up,that means you did it correctly.

Now select all the applications on your phone in the top menu of link2sd  and link everything(application files,dalvik cache files,library files ) except the data(you have to pay for that). Wait for the process to complete,then check your internal memory space. It would have increased drastically.

To the main discussion. I will teach you how to link application data(Which you have to pay for on link2sd ) free of charge.

Open the smanager application, grant it super user,it’s a file explorer that can access the root of your phone. Now using the smanager, go to the root of your phone as shown below.


You see that upward facing arrow at the top left menu,that is what you press to go deep into your phone,until you get to the root "/" as shown above.

Now click on "data" ,scroll down and click on "data" again (/data/data) ,now that is where all your application data are stored.
Note: it’s not everything there that is safe to link to sd card.
Linking in android is replacing the original files with a "shortcut" that links to where the original files are (in the sd card)
Please do not link any folder named they are system application data that your android os use, Also do not link any folder named com.gionee.anything or  com.phone_model.anything it’s the stock applications data that comes with your phone.
Do not link any folder named com.mediatek.anything or com.processor_name.anything there are the applications data your processor make use of.
Lastly don’t link any folder you don’t know Which application make use of it. Just make sure it’s not a system application that uses it,cause it might cause the application to misbehave. So be cautious.
Now select all the folder there except the ones you shouldnt link written above,now select move,then go back to /data and scroll down,select "sdext2"(/data/sdext2 )  and then click on the data folder there (/data/sdext2/data) now click on "select this directory" to move them into the folder named data. After successfully moving them, select everything you just moved, and click on "link",go back to the first data folder (/data) and click on data again(/data/data) then select this directory. This would transfer the links to where the original files were before you moved them to sdext2.

Sdext2 is a memory space of your sdcard mounted into your internal memory, So that your phone sees it as part of your internal memory and not as sdcard space anymore. Go check the link2sd application, you would see that the data files have been linked even though you haven’t purchased the pro. And you would have more space on your internal memory.

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Those that don’t want to partition their sdcard, but in case you have already partitioned it,no problem,still do this:

Now finally,to boost your internal memory to up to 1Gb ,Yes you heard me right,it’s So annoying when you have to install a super game and you have just 150mb arrggghhh.  Now go to the data (/data) scroll down to where you see a folder with name "log",mine is named log_other_mode ,yours might be different,it’s the folder where the data logs are stored, now select all the log files in it (/data/log_other_mode) and select move. Move to any empty folder in your sdcard, then select all and link them back to the log folder (/data/log….)

Now check your internal memory,you should have at least 900mb free or more depending on how large the log files were. Currently I have 845mb free internal memory and 159 applications installed.

I can install 30 more applications and link all of it,without running out of memory.

See yaa.

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    nice tip


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    Yh thanks for the comment


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    Nice write-up Very useful


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    Bond Zini

    (April 22, 2015 - 12:46 pm)

    I’ve followed your procedure for my whatsapp but in link2SD whatsapp still shows internal data not linked


    (April 23, 2015 - 5:49 pm)

    Helpful enough. thanx


    (October 31, 2015 - 12:15 pm)

    i cant move the app file to /data/sdext2/data it says unable to overwrite


    (November 1, 2015 - 9:09 pm)

    What happened is that you already have the file in the sdext2/data folder, so u have to delete the one that is there before u can move another one there again. Be careful before deleting anything.

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