How to be a hacker.

Do you have a fascination to be a hacker? It feels amazing being able to control computers to do things you aren’t supposed to be able to do.


Actually hacking is a very broad term,we have those who specialize in hacking computers,some in hacking phones and devices,some specialize in hacking applications,some in tweaking softwares,some specialize in breaking into networks. The list goes on and on.

Hacking is the act of exploiting faults in the digital world. Everything in the digital world is made by humans ,and since humans aren’t perfect there would definitely be bugs and weaknesses in what they create, these bugs and weaknesses are what hackers exploit to their own advantage or to the advantage of a group of people or to the whole world.

We also have hackers based on their motivations,some hack for bad purposes (black hat hackers) ,some hack for good purposes(white hat hackers) while some hack for different reasons based on the situation(grey hat hackers)

There are so many things you need to learn to become an hacker,its a jungle in the cyber world.

To make things easier for those who have fascination for hacking,there is an application on Google play called "Hacking tutorials 2.0”(at the time of writing) it was created by "xeus" so just search for "hacking tutorials xeus" on Google play store.

Its an amazing application,it gives a step by step order into becoming a proficient hacker for those who are really serious about becoming hackers.

It has helped me a lot in the digital world,the amount of things I have learnt through the applications is numerous.

So what are you waiting for?

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