What PUA’s won’t tell you about ladies.

You have probably been searching the entire web on how to get ladies and get laid, you have probably read lots of books and theories online, but none seems to be working, they all have something in common, which is to present to you some complicated procedures and very difficult things to observe , like say, asking you to monitor her blinking rate , lmao… So outrageous, some even ask you to watch her body language, like if she is crossing her leg, if her body is facing you, if she is playing with her hair and all that. I have even read some that say when a man looks at a woman’s lips she would be sexually attracted to the man, like seriously?  Lmao…

Some would ask you never to face a lady while talking to her at first, some would ask you never to approach a woman from behind while she is walking, some would ask you to act disinterested, some would even make use of reverse psychology, and talk to her friend so that she would feel jealous and wanting of your attention.
What they all have in common is trying to make you do things you aren’t normally comfortable with.

Now what PUA’s (pick up artists) don’t tell you is this:
Love yourself.

Everything I would tell you concerning getting any girl of your choice falls into loving yourself. What I mean by loving yourself is that, you should appreciate who you are, you should like the kind of person you are because you can never change your core true self, although you  can fake it, to be like another person, you would never attract those you love because you don’t appreciate yourself.

No one is perfect, most people make the mistake of ignoring the good things about themselves and focusing on the down sides of their personalities. Everyone has their flaws, Beyonce who sang flawless has speckles all over her face, but she still love herself so much no one gives a damn about the freckles on her face. Whatever you focus on is what people would notice in you.

Now let’s get talking, over some years of trying out some few things I have learnt online about girls and all that, it was so tiring and frustrating, I knew there was something wrong somewhere, I was focusing on girls, I wasn’t focusing on myself, on loving myself, on liking who I am, and then I decided to forget all the crap I have learnt about ladies, I decided to take my attention away from them, I started focusing on things I love doing, I started doing my own thing, flaunting my abilities , girls started noticing , they started coming to me themselves, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t quite understood what was going on, but I later got to realise that People love those who know their worth, you don’t have to stress it, give yourself a break, forget about girls, do what you love doing, they will come your way.

Another thing is that, girls are also humans like you, try to put yourself in their shoes a lot of time while you interact with them. Those techniques you learnt recently won’t work on every girl, it might even back fire and you end up frustrated and hating yourself.

The moment I stopped reading about how to attract girls and focusing on loving myself was the moment the true meaning of attraction became clearer.

All the best, to the guys out there, still trying to get their foot in the ground. You are not alone.

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