Managing Anger effectively


First of all, I wouldn’t call myself a psychologist or a psychotherapist but of recent I discovered a very important thing about this emotion called "anger".

There is no general definition for an emotion so I would define it my way. Emotions are vectors of messages passed from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, they are the mental manifestation of our state of mind.

Notice how I defined it , " vectors of messages" meaning the message itself is from the subconscious mind which we do not have direct access to, so that means that our emotions carry the messages from our subconscious mind but how we react to this message is totally up to us(our consciousness) and has nothing to do with the emotion itself. Someone can get angry and just decide to wave the anger aside , just by acknowledging what his subconscious mind is trying to tell him.

When you get angry, its absolutely not necessary you act on the anger, knowing that you are angry as the only means your subconscious mind can pass across an information to you, so whenever you are angry you should know that someone has passed your boundary or someone has disappointed you, or someone has insulted you or someone has physically abused you, whatever the situation that provoked the anger in you, know that your anger is the only way your subconscious can tell you something and you really don’t need to act on it.

Another thing about this emotion is that, you are angry not because of what the other person/people did to you but because of either how you interpret someone’s action, or due to your predisposition to get angry, or due to your boundary being stepped or over stepped, and that’s because you have a boundary in the first place.

Anytime you see that you are getting angry, feel the way the anger is moving in, observe critically how you are feeling while angry, do not act, do not talk, just watch how your body reacts to it, question the anger, question the situation, question your feeling ask yourself why, ask yourself if the situation is worth expending your energy on, ask yourself if the person is worth being angry at. Then you would see how easy it is to suppress anger and not act out unnecessarily.

Also, anger can be directed into more productive things. You can do your work quickly out of anger, you can read a whole lots of school books for exam out of anger, always try to act on anger in productive ways.

Good luck.

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