Killing boredom effectively.


That feeling of boredom is so bad, I totally understand, it sometimes gets you to do things you would normally not do when you aren’t bored. Let me start by saying this , boredom is an emotion, which goes to say that, it means your mind is telling you something, what is my mind telling me when I am bored?

It could be that you aren’t finding fulfilment in whatever it is you are doing, it could also mean that you aren’t receiving enough stimuli to excite you, there are so many reasons why someone could get bored, whatever the reason, what we want to do now is to get out of the boredom.

There are so many ways to kill boredom, you could visit very active forums( example is  of interest and start trolling, lol. You could visit a friend, you could prank someone you know, you could play games on your phone, or you play chess with someone if you can. You could visit the swimming pool, you could take a stroll out,you could bring up a topic and start arguing with a friend, you could hit the club, you could talk to a random person by asking them for an opinion, pretend as if you are carrying out a survey, you could read a book,you could watch a movie, gist with someone online, you could write a poem or even start drawing, you could learn a skill, take lessons , you could play with a pet, or sight see, you could just sit outside facing the sky, you could let your mind wander around, if you have no one to chat with visit to chat with a listener there is always someone there waiting to listen to you. There really are a lot of things you can do to kill boredom.

There was a time I was bored at my college, guess what I did? I just went out of my dorm, took a bike and explored places I havent been to within my college, and I wasn’t bored anymore. Just do something exciting, something different, something you probably haven’t done before, its as simple as that. See ya later.

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