Killing your Addiction to your Phone Effectively


Being in a computer age comes with all its ups and downs, life is now better than it used to be, considering the reduced mortality rate, computers replacing lots of manual works; advancement in communication mediums ,advancement in security, advancement in transportation medium and some other advantages of technology but at the same time, technology has its disadvantages on human lives, one of which I will be tackling today.

Almost everyone now has a smartphone which of course is one of the products of technology, we are all so addicted to our phone to the point that we can’t live a full day without checking up on our smartphones, it gets so frustrating when it starts interfering with our normal lives, we no longer pay attention to people around us, we no longer show interest in the things that interest us before in real life, we are always looking for something new online, we don’t  want to miss out on what’s going on online, we have created another world for ourselves in a virtual world that nothing else seems really important but our "e-lives". This arising global problem makes it necessary for us to find a solution to curb it before it gets out of hand.
I searched through the Internet for ways of killing addiction to one’s smartphone, and I discovered a very effective way of doing so without having to completely shut oneself from one’s phone which I believe isn’t practical at this age. So what’s this I discovered, I discovered a wonderful application called " QualityTime" as the name implies, this application ensures that one spends quality time doing other productive things while making sure that ones’ phone doesn’t get in the way. Its an android application , the iphone version also exist, so that covers majority of smartphone users. One can download it through play store for android phones or through itunes for iphones.

Here is how the application works:
Its advisable to install it into the internal memory of your phone, after installation and launching, you can decide to schedule quality time through the application , this is the period when you wont be able to use your smartphone for any other thing except the few applications you allow for that scheduled time. This would ensure that your phone doesn’t take your time during such periods, and you also get to do other productive things with your life without your phone controlling you.

Another thing the application does is to monitor the time spent using your phone and the time spent on each application on your phone and how long you spend using each of them, this way, you get to know which applications you are addicted to, and which ones you need to watch how often you use them so that you can spend more productive time living a real life in a real world . All in all being disciplined cant be over emphasized , you can’t leave it all to the application, you just have to be willing to break this addiction yourself and then this application would make the breaking process easier for you.
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