The Pursuit of Happiness


We live in a world where everyone is always in pursuit of happiness, directly or indirectly. How do I mean? You probably came across this article when you searched google for "pursuit of happiness" obviously because you are looking for more ways to be happy, or perhaps someone told you about this site , telling you how fun some articles here on this site are, still because you don’t want to be bored  and ultimately this would make you happy; Virtually everything a man does is in pursuit of happiness.

When you go to the kitchen to prepare food, its because you are hungry and hunger doesn’t produce a nice feeling, you want to be happy and only food can make you happy at that moment, you prepare food in pursuit of happiness, you take your ATM card to an ATM to withdraw money so that you can get some stuffs for yourself and your family, that too is in pursuit of happiness because if you don’t do it, your wife would nag at you for not providing or maybe your children wont be happy and you too wont be happy, I can continue this way to give more examples of how everything we do is in pursuit of happiness.

How is this knowledge important?
First you need to realize that when you feel sad or bad about something its usually due to the fact that you have missed something that could make you happy, but the truth is that one can get happiness from anything and any activity, the problem arises when we put every element of importance and our source of happiness on a particular thing or activity, and whenever we fail to get it, it seems as if the world is coming to an end.

What is the use of everything I am saying?

Let me give a practical example, lets say after writing an examination  , you were aiming for at least 70% and when the result comes out, you got 69% , you become pained and sad because you believe scoring 70% means you are "good" and it also gets to have a positive effect on your GP and ultimately your happiness, do you know that it would be easier to get over the bad feeling of a "bad" result according to your "standard" by realizing  that because you have associated the score to your happiness, that’s why you aren’t happy, so by simply dissociating your happiness from your score, one can easily get over it. So how do you dissociate those two things ,by associating your happiness with something else, perhaps the fact that you are in school should be a source of happiness, or perhaps the fact that you are doing a good course should be a source of happiness or even perhaps the fact that you are still alive could also be a source of happiness. Easy, Isn’t it?

I will catch up with you next time.

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