My funny life as a little nerdic kid.


Nerds aren’t made, they are born!!! The same can be said of me. When I was a kid, I was this extremely curious and inquisitive child; my questions were always coming and inexhaustible. Everything around me must be probed, understood, dissected, and exposed. I was never satisfied with a simple answer, give me a simple answer and you will find me searching for more answers elsewhere, and then I throw back your answer at you with a contradictory evidence. Sounds crazy? Well that was me as a kid.

I have always had this scientifically oriented mind towards things, I performed experiments on my own without even knowing I was making inquiries, it just comes naturally to me. I remembered vividly when I tried mixing water and oil endlessly and got frustrated on the fact that I couldn’t understand why it didn’t mix. I also tied a chick inside a transparent nylon, only for me to come back and find it dead, reasons why I didn’t discover that moment. I questioned everything, I studied everything around me that I hardly notice people around me unless when called. I was also a funny child and I was brutally honest with my opinion, I say things just the way I see them without minding what others would feel about it; did I know what feelings were then?

I was also very sensitive, little things would make me cry; I was smarter than the average kid because when they beg me or pet me to stop crying I wouldn’t stop crying because I sensed the manipulation and asked myself why would I stop crying simply because you said sorry, that is not a fair trade!!! Even if I was bribed with biscuit, I will eat it and still continue to cry until I get distracted or my attention goes to something interesting.

I enjoyed watching animals, yes any animal from the birds to the cats, to the dogs , ants, chickens, snails, reptiles, I loved all animals. I always imagine how the world would be from their perspective and I always thought I could communicate with them. I loved water too, I enjoyed playing inside water , I never really looked forward to human contact as long as my environment is interesting enough to keep my brain busy. I never fought with any kid, only once. In fact I looked upon other kids with awe and deep curiosity, I watched how they played with one another instead of playing with them, that’s why I never approached them , I just observe them from afar silently taking note of every details of their interaction, and then I start asking questions from my parents or elder siblings concerning what I noticed that I didn’t understand. Lol.

When I started growing up , I began to realize some questions are quite difficult to answer and the answers I get from others aren’t quite satisfying. Questions like where did I come from? That actually got me thinking, I for once thought I was purged out of my mum’s mouth. How did I get to her "stomach" in the first place? Why did she swallow me? Where did she get me from before swallowing me up? I asked those questions when I see pregnant women and I was told it was a baby like me that was in their "stomach" 

I still remembered my first day in school, I was so sad and started crying that I would be left with people I don’t know, something I was experiencing for the first time. Anyway my educational performance in preschool and even primary school was just average and nothing spectacular. I didn’t take any interest in reading my books, just leave me to myself and let me wonder into my world of imagination. I would read newspapers as a kid, and was never really interested in what was being taught in school. I saw school learning as torture and some sort of punishment, but  I was just a normal kid upon everything.

One thing about me as a kid was that I never lied. My mum trusted me so much, I never lied to anyone. I was brutally honest and frank. And I was very sensitive to opinion. I never handled insults/reprimand well, it always got me depressed and laid back.
Oh how things have really changed about me over the years. In my next write up I would tell you how things have changed about me over the years. Till then.

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