Are opinions valuable?


I have always thought about writing on this, so here we go.

We live in a world where we get all sort of opinions about people, things and ourselves. Virtually everything around us always get opinions from people. The big question is how valuable are those opinions?

I can’t give a straight and definite answer to this question because of how diverse opinions are, and how varied the purpose and source of the opinion may be. So it all depends on so many factors.

I would like to focus on opinions about ourselves from people around us. When people make opinions of us, it could be genuine, it could be biased, it could be very helpful, and sometimes very damaging on us. That’s why I can’t overemphasize the importance of filtering out unhelpful opinions from the helpful ones.

People around us go through a lot of things on a daily basis, from emotional to physical to mental experiences and all these are part of what builds our opinion of others. We should never be too quick to consider every opinion thrown at us as true and neither should we be quick at discarding them. I believe that the credibility of the person giving an opinion is important, maybe you respect and admire the person as being qualified at giving helpful opinions.

The kind of relationship you have with the person too counts. Does this person dislike you? Does this person love you? Most times opinions from those who either love us so much or dislike us so much are usually biased because they either want to hurt us or they don’t want to hurt us by lying, as the case may be. But even though someone doesn’t like you, they can still give us valuable opinions, same applies to someone who loves us, you just have to use your instinct to determine someone with genuine intention from someone who is malicious.

A lot of times people get hurt and feel bad about themselves when they receive negative opinions from others. This is natural and expected, because we humans are social beings , we feed on our interactions with others and we tend to seek acceptance from the society. One thing I have come to realize over the years is that, even though people say bad things about me or negatively criticize me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am "faulty" , that doesn’t mean I am less than everyone else, that doesn’t mean my value is lower than theirs.

Opinions are simply what they are, opinions. They cannot be substituted for facts in all cases. So give yourself a break whenever someone gives you a negative feedback about yourself, because the things people say about you says a lot about them than it does about you, in most cases.  Always love yourself no matter what they say about you. No one deserves the power to make you sad or angry or helpless. You deserve to be happy no matter what, because we are all humans , far from perfect and the best we could ever get from life is happiness. Be happy always, do things that excite you and don’t dwell on people’s negativity, it won’t lead you anywhere.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and appreciate you. Hold on a little longer. No one says anything comes easy in life, but it’s worth every effort you put into it. See you soon.

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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