If animals could talk.


What a world it would be if animals could talk. Imagine if your dog could talk, what would you instruct it to do? Imagine if you could make your dog spy on your secret crush innocently without any suspicion?

I am quite sure human to animal bonds would be more rampant and stronger than human to human relationships because those animals lead such a simple and straightforward life. They have very little complications and are very easy to understand even when they don’t talk, talk more of when they start talking and are able to express their simplicity and honesty. Lots of human to human relationships would be broken when your pet animals tell you what they do or say behind your back.

There would be very little need for human companionship when you can talk all day with your pet without any restrictions what so ever.  Some people might not even bother to get married again, after all they can never be bored nor lonely when they are surrounding by those little cute animals that can even talk.

Animal rights would be rampant and there would be very little distinction between humans and animals, people would be less eager to kill animals for food because of the emotions they arouse when they cry and speak up for mercy.

Lol, I know my imagination is quite funny, but think about how different things would be if animals could talk. Life would actually be more fun and there would be more unity among all animals. Unrelated animals would be able to talk to themselves. We would be able to bargain with pests to stop them from destroying things and bribing them. Lmao.

Humans would definitely fall deeply in love with these animals , and for sure these animals have no morals or any sense of right and wrong, this could create some discomfort among humans. Animals abusing humans, would that be considered as an abuse according to law? Could those animals commit crimes and be arrested for it? Would they be attending religious gathering? Could they go into politics?

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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