True confidence at its peak.


You would recognize a confident man from afar when you see him. From the way he walks to the way he relates with others, confidence exudes from him. A confident man never compares himself to another person because he realises everyone is unique in his or her own way and there really is no standard for comparison.

A confident man knows the importance of loving himself because he knows how short life is and he has to lead a positive life. He leaves no room for self pity nor self hatred. He accept himself however he may be.

A confident man doesn’t seek conformity nor fitting in. He would rather bring out the best in himself and make sure he is the best of himself and not making himself someone else. He knows his aspirations and his deep inner desires, he pursues his dreams with so much certainty and determination, letting no distraction sway him for too long and getting back on track after every shortcoming, without self pity.

A confident man doesn’t chase after the wind, he realizes that no one is perfect and everyone is capable of making mistakes. He isn’t hard on himself and he forgives himself for things he failed to do or things he did. He realizes that no one has really figured it all out and everyone is just trying his or her best to be the best they can be.

A confident man doesn’t hold grudges for the same reason that no one is perfect. He realize that disappointments are an essential part of life and things won’t always go the way he want them to. So he accepts and forgives those who have offended him. How interesting do you think life would be if everything goes just the way we want them to? No excitement, no energy, no roughness , just smooth and streamlined life . Lol, you guessed right!!! Boring life!!!!

A confident man does good to people,  even to those who don’t really deserve it, because he knows evil never solves evil. He is liberal and open to everyone. He doesn’t discriminate and he tries to learn something from everyone , no matter how little the person may appear to be to him.

A confident man has a good heart and doesn’t expect any favour in return for his goodness. He realizes that not everyone would have a good heart as his, and so he just be who is he, that is, being a person with a good heart.

A confident man knows the importance of gratitude for everything he gets in life. He realizes that if he isn’t happy for whatever he has, it wouldn’t really change anything unless he is positive in his thinking.

A confident man would always take the first step even though it seems like a million steps ahead of him, he knows for sure that he would get there through each and every step he takes.

Don’t give up. Keep striding forward. Trust me , you would get there one day. Sooner than you think.

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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