The rich giving to the poor.


I was watching a social experiment video on YouTube that was trying to demonstrate the attitude of rich men towards the poor.

Here was what happened in the video: a poorly dressed man was sent to a rich man standing by to ask for money to buy food, telling the man he hasn’t eaten for weeks, but the man refused to give him, with the excuse that he doesn’t have any money to spare. Later a richly dressed man was sent to the same rich man standing to ask for money, that he wasn’t with his wallet, the rich man standing offered this other richly dressed man $20 immediately, asking him to keep the change. Shocked?

Don’t be shocked. That is the reality of life. Most times people tend to be more open, friendly and generous to people of their own class because they believe they are one family sort of, and they are likely to get help from each other in the future, why would a rich man want to give to a poor man when he knows he can never get any sort of help from the poor man, he reasoned. Also, no one gets to know whether he helped the poor man or not, so there is no way he is ever going to be reciprocated back for the giving, he reasoned again. This poor man is poor most likely because he is lazy and he wants to keep on begging instead of trying to help himself out of his poverty, if I give him this money he will still continue to beg and nothing would change, so why give him then? He reasoned all again. But when faced with a fellow classy/wealthy man, asking for money, this man isn’t poor and he is probably just stranded, I can be in his situation and I understand how embarrassed he is right now to be begging, let me give him something, he reasoned. This man could be my boss in the future, or we could meet somewhere else in the future where I would need his favour/help, let me help him out now. Giving to someone as rich or even richer than I am would put me in a good light with the person and with any other person that later finds out that I helped this man, he reasoned again.

Everything all boils down to benefits and returns. That’s the sad reality of life, there are very few things we do in this life that isn’t tied to benefits or some sort of gains. The same thing applies in this situation. It’s not like the rich are wicked or greedy, but they just do not see the benefit of giving to the poor other than feeling good about yourself that you have helped a poor man. And not everyone feels good for giving, some even feel stupid or duped.

Now, just before you misinterpret me, I am not in support of the rich not giving to the poor, what I am doing now is looking at things from the perspective of a rich man, we have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before judging them. That’s why I didn’t just judge them straightaway, and it seems as if I am supporting this "greedy" attitude towards the poor simply because I don’t want to be judgemental about the rich.

You can’t really blame them though, the money they got was from hard work and careful planning on how and where they invest their money into, so they sort of bring the same principle into giving to the poor, is giving to the poor a fruitful investment? In order for the rich to start giving willingly to the poor they have to realize that giving to the poor shouldn’t be looked at as though it was an investment. They should look at it as their own way of contributing to the society positively. Look at it as being human, we are one family, whether rich or poor, because we are all humans. By helping another person, you are indirectly helping yourself, because we are in a universe where every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. One good turn deserves another. Sometimes you just don’t need a good reason to do some things. Sometimes you just have to do them because you are human.

Well, what can I do? I know for sure I will help those in need when I get to the top because I know what it feels like to lack.

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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