Ego hurting, non socializing and rage.


We humans are social by nature but not everyone gets the chance to socialize well with others. That’s why we find ourselves in awkward social situations with other humans because of non socializing with other humans.

We humans are also hierarchical in nature. We tend to build social groups among ourselves and have this idea of who is better than who in our minds.

Whenever we feel slighted when someone of lower social group steps on our shoe, we burst into a fist of rage. This is a power show, and to prove who is of higher social group. What is happening here is that, the person in anger is saying "hey, look here, I am up here while you are down there, you don’t have the power to do that, I will show you who the boss is here".

Often time, its because we don’t socialize well enough with this other person that we overreact to any slight thing they do. If assuming we have been social with them, the reaction won’t be that much, we might not even get angry because by then they would have been in the same social group with us, sort of.

Ego also plays a lot of role. Some people have this big ego, and feel they have to command respect from everyone. It could be their position among the group, being the feeder of the ego that keeps growing and growing. Ego can’t be totally removed from someone but it can definitely be trained. So it doesn’t seem like anyone is hurting their ego.

How is this possible? I wrote an article on the psychological workings of the emotion called anger in this article once you read it, you would have a better understanding of yourself and better control yourself in case of next time.

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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