Positive mind vs Negative mind vs Realistic mind?


I was going through a blog post here where a fellow blogger "ElWhizard" tried to argue for a negative mind being the surest way to success in life. In his expose, he describes the seeming advantages of a negative mind, he said a negative person always expect the worst so he tries all his possible best not to make them happen, he also said being negative has been scientifically proven to improve the memory and sharpen mental accuracy, where ever he got that from.

Now let me start by telling you a story about three elephants. Three elephants were tied with very weak ropes compared to their sizes and I wondered why they didn’t break lose from the ropes; so I asked the man sitting beside the elephants how he happen to hold the three elephants down. He explained that ever since they were born, they have always been unable to get lose from the ropes, and now that they are very big they still believe they cannot be lose from the ropes(negative thinking).

The human mind is a very power thing. The things we do in this life are ultimately determined by how we think and what we believe in. Whatever we believe we can do, are things we would eventually do and whatever we think we cannot do are the things we would keep on failing to do. Why is this so?

Let’s probe a little deeper. The human mind consist of the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is the one we are aware of and are capable of controlling to a large extent, while the subconscious mind is the one we aren’t aware of and cannot easily control. The conscious mind keeps on feeding the subconscious mind, while the subconscious mind controls our outlook of life and the way we approach things. Naturally if a negative mind thinks what he is about to start won’t ever work out, he won’t even bother to try because he is so sure it won’t work out, unlike what Whizard said. If someone is truly negative and still decides to do that same thing he thinks won’t work out fine, then trust me he isn’t fully a negative person. It means he still has the belief no matter how little, that it just might work out, if not he wouldn’t bother himself trying. Whizard also said that a negative mind would try all his possible best to make sure negative outcomes don’t come to pass, how does that match? If you are a negative person, you are 100% sure that negative outcomes will surely happen no matter what you do, so why would you try work against something that is 100% sure to happen? It just doesn’t match! For you to try to prevent it, it definitely means you aren’t totally a negative person.

Now let’s get to a third category of people I would like to talk about, the realist. This are the people that don’t give themselves false hopes with extra positivity up to the point of being deluded and they also don’t bring themselves down with extra negativity up to be point of being handicapped. They balance those two things. They have it in mind that bad things could happen, and if it happens they already have plan B, at the same time they give themselves reassurance that if more effort is put into it, its very much likely to turn out well.

You know reassurance has a way of pushing someone forward, because of the bright light at the end of the tunnel. This is what positive thinking does, you know that it will turn out well if you keep it up, so you keep on taking long strides until the day you get there.

I believe in balance. Too much of anything most times isn’t good. Let’s be a realist, someone who is more in touch with reality, an extreme pessimist and an extreme optimist are never always in touch with reality. They both get disappointed once in a while when things don’t go the way they are sure it would go. But a realist is never disappointed because he realises life isn’t a bed of roses and he always accept everything life throws at him with a straight face because he knows that’s the essence of life, good and bad. #peace

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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    (November 21, 2015 - 7:46 pm)

    Whao….this is grt


    (November 21, 2015 - 10:40 pm)

    This is nice


    (November 22, 2015 - 5:20 pm)

    we are not our minds. just our thoughts.

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