You only have control over yourself not others.


Just take a look at the quote in the picture above. It says it all. One can not simply expect another person to be good just because you are good. You are a caring, respective and non judgemental person doesn’t mean another person will be caring, respectful and non judgemental. You only have full control of yourself and a choice to either accept others the way they are or simply walk away.

Also, you can’t always expect to be paid back in good return for the good things you have done to someone, someone else might do that. Some people would pay you badly for the good you have done to them, that’s just life for you. It doesn’t mean you should hate them, even if you hate them it doesn’t change anything. They will still be the "bad" person they are. You can’t jeopardize your own personality because of another person, don’t turn bad because someone else was bad to you, so as to avoid being bad to good people. Karma has a way of f***ing bad people up and rewarding good people for their good deeds.

Stay positive and remain who you are.

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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