You need to cry sometimes.


"Sometimes you cry not because you are weak, its because you have been strong for too long". Crying has a wonderful way of making someone less tensed, it has a way of letting out the steam and the burden you have been carrying for long. Even a doctor told me that crying has a positive effect on the memory, he said whenever he enters an exam room and doesn’t remember a thing, he then starts crying and everything he read starts popping up.

Crying makes you feel better, it makes you relaxed. It makes things easier, its an emotional outlet. No one is too big to cry, those who feel crying is for babies end up causing more harm to themselves, they end up breaking down emotionally because they have been building up emotional tension in themselves.

There is a reason why the urge to cry is there. It’s because our brain knows that crying has a positive effect on us, and that’s exactly what we need at that moment, to cry!!!! And of course we sometimes need someone to talk to, someone to vent at. Someone to tell about our problems, just a listening ear to show that at least someone cares about our problem even if they have no idea how to solve it, the mere fact that they listened goes a very long way in solving our problems.

Without being judgemental, a listening ear is the best friend anyone can have on earth. Most times our problem, unknown to us, is that it seems no one is noticing us, it seems no one cares about us, we tend to wonder why we have that terrible feeling. Unknown to us, what we ultimately need is attention. And to feel loved and accepted, we need that too very much.

What do we do about this? I know a great site that one can get a non judgemental listening hear. I have been there before and it’s a really pleasing experience. I am not trying to advertise any site, because the site is pretty popular on its own already anyway. that’s the site, you can chat anonymously with any listener of your choice without the fear of being judged. You can say anything on your mind, vent all you want and no one is going to judge you. They(listeners) have been trained not to judge and not to give their own opinions. You are pretty safe from other people’s opinion on the site. And the good part of it is that it’s absolutely free!! Unless you want to hire a professional psychologist/psychotherapist on the site, then you have to pay for their service. The listeners are normal people like everyone and they are pretty good at listening. All the best.
Stay positive.

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