Thoughts of Adedapo Adeniran.

When you get to a level where you are analyzing your emotions, observing your behaviours, effectively filtering out baloney, maintaining a tentative stance on virtually everything, then you are getting dangerously close to self mastery.

What makes you sad or angry is the picture in your head of how it is "supposed" to be. Once you change your way of looking at it and change from looking at what is supposed to be, to looking at what it is actually then you live an easier life. I am so loving the way I see things now.

I found inner peace within myself when I stopped caring too much about other people’s opinions. You should learn to filter out the sentiments and prejudice in the voices you hear, and only let the truth guide your ways.

School/university is a place where we are all programmed to think only the best students succeed in life.

Sometimes one doesn’t need cannabis sativa to feel high,just listen to some brain wave entrainment symphonies, mind calming stuff. Focus enhancement. Motivation.

Hardly am I bored. But now I am damn bored. I wish I was born in the era where most things was natural, tree houses,bushes,trees,animals flourishing, jungle life. That era must have been amazing,no complications,no technology that takes control of ones life,less sickness,freedom,ecstasy.

When you are doing something And you feel tensed,Then you are being who you think you should be,But when you are doing something And you feel relaxed Then you are being yourself.

People would hate you once they stop getting that "thing" that made them love you. Don’t be surprised if someone you thought loved you started hating you.

Catch up or get left behind,this world is moving faster than you think.

The truth isn’t always palatable,That’s why we have myths,personal myths,general myths,some myths are believed by the majority,some people have their own personal myth that is real to them.

Mistakes are never problems when you make them,they are problems when you dont learn from them.

Don’t try to argue logically with a woman who thinks you are against her,she can keep asserting that black is white ,you would almost ponder If black is truly white.

If life shows you pepper,use it for pepper soup,If life throws you to the wolves, lead the pack. No matter how life treats you what matters is how you turn the situation around for your own benefit.
Keep the spirit alive!!!

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet (as a rose)-Shakespeare
In other words,no matter what people may call you,it will have zero effect on your intrinsic/essential characteristics.

Dont be persuaded by the things that are apparent to u. The most important things are not usually perceived easily. Let Ur instinct take charge,bcos the things that u see are as a result of the things dat are not seen.

Dont be too confident when someone tells you they like/love you,and dont lose hope when someone doesnt really like you. The real question is:until when? Just like seasons,people change,so does their feeling. The person you are chasing now, will end up chasing you when they start seeing good things in you.

No matter what life throws at you,or the problems you are facing,the single most important thing is if you see them as ‘problem/s’ in the actual sense of it.

Whatever you believe becomes your reality. Its funny how we live in a world created in our minds. If am wrong,then the placebo effect wouldnt be possible.

Trying to modify yourself into making people like you,wont work,it would only irritate them,when they discover you have been fake.

Knowledge without experience is like having a compass without a map. You know you are going in the right direction but you dont know what you are heading for.

They are basically two kinds of people on earth- 1)Thermometers- these are people who are controlled by their external environments,they are like the chameleons that changes colour to blend with their environment.
2)Thermostats- these are people who determine and regulate how they want their external environment to be like,they set the pace,they lead the path,they flow against the tide,these are the set of people that no longer see the world the way they are conditioned to be but the way they want the world to be. Learn to be a thermostat and not a thermometer.

If everyone could see what is in the mind of everyone he/she associates with,it’s certain there would be no friendship,no love,no pope,no monks,no pastors,no marriages,everyone would be considered the same,because thats the truth about everyone.The heart of a man is like a can of worm,a pandora box,calm on the outside,filthy on the inside.‪

You think you see the world as it is when you actually see the world as you are conditioned to be,because nothing in life has meaning except that which you give to it-(the best saying have heard so far) ‪

When a bird is alive,it eats ants but when it dies,ants eat it.A tree makes a million matches but a single match burns down a million trees. Be very careful with the way you treat others because you dont know how time and circumstances might change everything for you in the nearest future,those two things are very powerful.

If the way you see life isnt making life any better for you,throw that principle of yours into the trash can and try seeing through the eyes of someone that has seen more than you.Life is not a one way traffic cos there are many paths to a bus stop,who knows if you are following the most stressful path?

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Post Author: Dr Dee

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Adedapo Adeniran.

    Folakemi Suulola

    (February 8, 2016 - 5:45 pm)

    Cool thoughts Dr_Dee. I’d return for more enlightening tips. Hope I won’t be disappointed


    (February 8, 2016 - 5:51 pm)

    Thanks @Folakemi. I appreciate your comment. Yes , I will try my best to deliver the best that I can. Thanks once again.

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