Are women really complicated?

It’s a common belief among the general society that women are complicated creatures. Various memes are created to further emphasize this point, like the one shown in this post. I would be probing into this matter.

Are women really complicated?

The real question should be “Who are women?” Sure we have a set of people who are referred to as “women”. But how much do they have in common apart from the physical appearance of a typical woman? Since the complication referred to here is talking about behavioural and not physical, we would focus on the behavioural aspect of ” women”.

One thing I have come to realise is that every woman is unique. The complication only arises when we try to look for an equation to fit every woman. This happens in an attempt to generalize about women. The problem is not whether women are complicated or not, the problem is why are we trying to put every woman into a box. One thing worked for a woman, doesn’t mean it would work for another woman.

Apart from the uniqueness of every woman, I would also like to say that women aren’t actually meant to be understood, I mean, why should you understand them? If after understanding them, what next? You would probably start looking for ways to manipulate them with your new found classified knowledge. It’s actually beneficial to just accept people the way they are, to love them and give them their much-needed attention, there would be no need to understand anyone if everyone is accepted by each other.

You would be more at peace with yourself when you know that you don’t need to understand someone. Just accept them for who they are. Enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes from a woman, take your mind away from understanding them, love every moment you spend with them, then you would realise that the stress spent on trying to understand women isn’t just worth it when you can simply love them the way they are, and be happy.

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