The reality of sexual assault against men


Ok, I was watching a YouTube video which was actually a social experiment performed by a guy and a lady to see how people react to different situations. First the guy was the one who assaulted the lady in front of some people, by smacking her ass and as expected, people around reacted negatively in support of the lady, by asking the guy to apologize to the lady right away. Some reprimanded the guy that it was not a proper thing to do. "You don’t go about smacking people’s ass( or you mean smacking a lady’s ass?), the lady asked them if what the guy did was sexual assault , to which they answered " yes". This was done several times in front of more diverse set of people and similar responses were gotten.

Now they turned the table around. This time it was the lady sexually assaulting the guy by smacking his ass in front of people. Guess what happened? People started laughing when the guy asked them if they saw what just happened. This time people were just laughing, some pretended not to notice anything and just walked by. The guy asked them if they thought what the girl did was sexual assault (harassment) , to which they answered " NO". The guy complained that he was going to file a police report for being sexually assaulted, they ridiculed the guy and asked him to be a man.

There is also a video on YouTube where a man was minding his own business in a store, and suddenly a lady started twerking her ass against his groin, the guy obviously didn’t like this, then he moved away, and then her friend came close to the guy and attempted to grab his groin, he kept avoiding this lady and she kept forcing herself on him, he was humiliated by this unwanted sexual attention from the lady, all this was recorded on the CCTV. When the man reported to the police, the case was taken seriously and one of the women was arrested, guess how the social media reacted? The started back lashing him on Facebook for reporting "ladies" who were supposedly giving him a "nice time", some even called him gay, because obviously every straight guy MUST always be in the mood for sexual excitement at any random moment, if not he is gay, yeah right!!!

The guy had to protect his dignity by claiming he taught the women were men dressed like women, just so he may justify why he didn’t want to "have fun" with the women. 

Ohhh well, that’s the reality. We are in a society where people believe men cannot be sexually assaulted no matter the situation, we believe every straight guy is always ready for "fun" and should never reject any offer from a lady unless he is gay or something, and for sure some women would take advantage of this situation by sexually assaulting men because they know the society doesn’t consider it a crime, and that the man would be "ashamed to report" to the police that women assaulted him sexually.

The truth is that, it would take a pretty long time before the society becomes fair on the male counterparts in terms of sexual harassment/assault from women. It’s both ways, a man can be sexually harassed by a woman, and a woman can also be sexually harassed by a man. But that’s not how the society sees it. There is an obvious imbalance, that would take serious efforts to correct. Till then, we can only hope for the best.

What other ways do you think women sexually assault men but get away with it all the time?

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Post Author: Dr Dee

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