The Adventures of Tomi

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Note: My Dad is a lawyer, I won’t spend a dime to get you sued.

Every name has been changed, to protect identity, this story is based on pure fiction. Believe what you want to believe at your own risk.

My heart was filled with joy when I saw my name on the list of admitted students at Kage University, Osun state. I showed my mum the list, and noticed how her eyes radiated with joy, that her only son got admission on his first attempt; she started rolling on the floor giving praise to God for this good news. I have never had this wonderful feeling before. I felt as if I was on top of the world; I couldn’t sleep that night; I started imagining how my life would be at the university, the kind of people I would meet there, it was a fantastic night.

The first day in school was very hectic, running about with my documents trying to register myself and secure the compulsory accommodation at school. It was very tiring, I felt like I have been hit by an elephant when I was through for the day. I went through the same stress for good four days before finally settling down. Guess what? Lectures had already started, and registration was still going on simultaneously. No one cared if we were doing registration or medicals, the lecturers would start their work immediately.

My first day in a lecture hall was a mix of different feelings. First, the lecturer was very strict, she began by giving her rules and regulations. "I have rules and regulations if you want to remain in any of my class, and I won’t repeat myself", said Prof Aidevo my zoo110 lecturer. "No talking or whispering while lectures are taking place, unless you want to ask me a question related to the lecture". She continued this way as the whole class listened in silence. She looked like someone in her early 30, well-shaped and wealthy in her appearance. Rumour has it that she was single and known for being flirtatious with young and vibrant male freshers. On close inspection, there was no ring on her finger.

There was something about the way Prof Aidevo walks and talks. She moves gallantly swaying her broad waist in a slow and deliberate manner, the way a tiger moves while strolling in the jungle. Her voice was so soft and high-pitched like a damsel in distress. Her brown eyes, large, could penetrate whatever soul she gazes her. She was a mistress, a goddess, any man couldn’t resist. Her skin was golden brown, she was average height and "fully endowed".

She used almost 30 minutes to give her rules and regulations before introducing her course, I don’t know if I was imagining things, but she was gazing at me every now and then, throughout the entire class. I was sitting at the second row to the front. When the class was over, I took my bag and was about to leave when Prof Aidevo pointed at me signaling me to come. Immediately, I felt goose pimples all over my body. I looked behind me hoping it was someone else she was signaling, no one was behind me, I looked at her again, she was looking straight into my eyes, this time more penetrating than the initial gaze, I was physically present but my spirit was scared to the bones, so I walked, fidgeting towards her hoping I wasn’t in trouble. When I reached her position on the lecture stage, I couldn’t look at her eyes, I felt I was about to be confessed by the confessor in "legend of the seeker". " What’s your name young man?" , she asked, "Hmmm hmmm, my myy name is Tomi, Professor Aidevo", I said with my voice trembling slightly. "You look like a student with a bright future and MORE TO OFFER, I want to be seeing you in the front row henceforth, that would be all for now, by the way, call me by my name, Aidevo". I didn’t know when I opened my mouth, but I quickly closed it, my heart skipped for 2 seconds on hearing this. What was I getting myself into? Was I the only student she saw in the class, why me? I asked myself.

I got to my room, I was still the only one in my room, the room was big enough for four students. I slept off after taking 5 lectures for the day.

I was woken by a phone call, my mum was calling me, we chatted for some time on the phone before I went back to sleep. The next day, another roommate arrived, he introduced himself as Ben, he was tall, rugged looking and fair in complexion. He didn’t bring much, just a travelling bag and a small bag for lectures. He looked 23, and was “swaglicious”, anyway I left him for class.

I sat beside a good-looking babe in phy103 class today. ” Hello what’s the name?” I asked with uncertainty. “I am Jane” she replied like she doesn’t care. Should I tell her my name or not, I asked myself, confused. “I am Tomi” I replied, getting no further response from her.

Then the Phy103 lecturer asked the class a difficult question which no one could answer. So I stood up to answer the question. “You are right” the phy103 lecturer said and the class applauded me. That was when Jane started paying attention to me. “So where are you from, Tomi?” She asked me. “I stay at Lag” I replied, so we chatted for sometime in class, and we exchanged contacts at the end of the class.

I got to my room to discover two other roommates have arrived. One was Tope, he was dark, short and cool. The other was Seyi he was also short and dark but with big head and muscular body. The night with them was fun, we all laughed, chatted and got to know each other gradually. Tope was the comedian and story-teller in the room, Seyi was like the leader in the room, he was religious, principled and very old schooled. Ben the “guy man” in the room, igbo guy, was into foreign music from the likes of Rick Ross, lil Wayne, 2chains etc.

Ok we havent described me yet. I was the typical and normal good son of his mother. I was just getting to define the kind of person I was. I was like a virgin land, still waiting for an architect’s design. Anyway I was attracted to Ben’s personality, so we rapport with each other easily and he taught me stuffs about life and everything generally. That was how it all began. The good boy turned bad.

Ben told me stories of the different girls he had encountered, the ones that showed him pepper, the ones he showed pepper, the crazy ones, the fun ones, the mysterious ones, the one that changed his views of life, and the ones he changed. He told me stories of his secondary school life, he was a cultist in secondary school. He told me about his fights, his adventures and a lot of other things. I was so engrossed with everything he told me and the things he taught me. He was a marijuana smoker, but never forced me to smoke with him. I was never interested in smoking anyway. So we decided to take a stroll around school, in the evening.

“You see that babe over there wearing red gown, you like her uhn?”, he asked me , ” she is ok.” I replied.

Ben: When you see a babe walking by herself, be observant. She could be going somewhere to meet her boyfriend or hoping a cool guy would “chike” her that night.

Me: Really? So how would you know?

Ben: Look at different clues. See how fast she is walking, she isn’t looking around, she is definitely going to meet someone somewhere. So if you go meet her that way, she would most likely snub you.

Me: Hmmmm. That’s true.

Ben: Look at that one over there, see the way she is walking slowly and looking around occasionally. Wait here lemme go talk to her.

Me: Okay.

After talking to her for few minutes, she followed Ben to where I was and introduced me to her, Lucy. Lucy was a pretty lady, she was dark and voluptuous. Average height and she got a lovely smile that could melt the soul.
Ben was a play boy, he was never really interested in any girl, he jumped from one girl to another and grabbed whatever it was he wanted to grab , then moved on to the next one. He wanted me to understand some things about ladies in general. I knew I was in for a fun time at Kage University

So I decided to call Jane during the evening time, the girl I met in class during phy103.
Me: Hello Jane, how you doing?
Jane: Hmmm, I am cool and you?
Me: I am fine. Where are you currently?
Jane: I am in my room.
Me: What are you doing currently?
Jane: Nothing really, just relaxing.
Me: Hmmm, do you mind hanging out with me this evening?
Jane: Awww I wished I could but I am too tired and lazy to stand up, maybe another time.
Me: Hmmm, alright, its cool, no problem. I would call you some other time then.
Jane: Alright then.

“Sh*t , I can’t believe this is how I will spend my night without any babe”. So I decided to go out hunting for babe by myself, using the things I have learnt from Ben. So I sat down in front of a lecture hall NLT, a very strategic position for sighting babes. Within 5 minutes of waiting a nice babe was walking by, so I summoned the courage and walked up to her.

Me: Hey whatsapp, where do you think I can get suya around here? (Suya means roasted cow meat)
Nice babe: Hmmm, you can get it over there. (She points to a particular direction)
Me: Wow thanks a lot. What’s the name?
Nice babe: I am Dupe.
Me: Awwwn Dupe, nice. Do you mind strolling down there with me, it sucks walking alone around this place.
Dupe: Hmmm, You are right, ok let’s go.

We got to the suya man, bought some suya for myself and Dupe, we chatted, laughed together and exchanged contacts. She even escorted me to my hostel, stayed for sometime before she left. Then Ben started praising me ” Heyyyyyy!!!! Guy man!!!! You are learning fast man, I am feeling your game.” A couple of teasing here and there by my roommates and chatting about how my day went.

Ben: Make sure you enter her ooo Tomi.
Me: Hahahahaha, guy calm down na. Is it that fast?
Ben: Hian, yes oooo, depends on you. Don’t dull oooo.
Me: Lol, ok I would try.
Ben: Chop knuckle.

So the next day I was going to face Prof Aidevo, the zoo110 lecturer that was after me. I decided I wasn’t going to sit at the front row that she asked me to. I was at the middle row, sandwiched between other students where I was sure she wasn’t going to see me. When she entered the class, I noticed her eyes scanning the entire front row, I knew she was looking for me. So she kept scanning the whole class with her penetrating eyes, and she finally saw me, I froze on my sit , the moment my eyes met hers. Then she signalled me to move to the front row, asking someone at the front row to exchange sit with me. I was so embarrassed , wishing the ground could just open up and swallow me at that moment. I couldn’t disobey, I just obeyed her anyway. After the class, she called me and collected my contact, that was when I knew I was in for it.

When I got to my room I told Ben about what happened. He just started laughing. Ben told me I was lucky and unlucky at the same time. I was lucky because I just got myself a sugar mummy, he said, and I was unlucky because I dare not refuse her if I don’t want to carry over her course, he added. My eyes widened in fear. What have I gotten myself into. So Ben asked me “Do you think you can handle this?” , “I don’t think I can ooo” I replied Ben. So he told me, nothing really bad was going to happen because Professor Aidevo was not married and she was known for her promiscuous ways. The only thing is that you would become popular.

Suddenly my phone started ringing. A strange number was calling me.
Me: Hello…..
Female voice: Hello Tomi, how you doing?
Me: I am fine, thanks, I wish I knew who was on the line.
Female voice: Its Aidevo….
Me: **silence**
Prof Aidevo: Hello, are you there?
I was shaking while on the phone.

Me: Yes ma, I am here.
Prof Aidevo: Ok, was checking up on you. Don’t forget to do your assignment.
Me: Ok ma, I won’t forget. Goodnight ma
Prof Aidevo: Hahaha don’t be funny, I wasn’t going to hang up yet. Just come outside your hostel now and don’t keep me waiting. **hangs up**

Me: Did I just hear that?
Ben: What did she say?
Me: She just asked me to come outside now to meet her.
Ben: Wow, today is your lucky day man.
Me: You are crazy. Which kind of lucky day? She is the last person I want to meet this night!! My zoology professor!!! Ben: Hahahahaha, c’mon she isn’t that bad na, if you see her on a normal day, would you believe she was a lecturer?
Me: You aren’t helping matters you know that?
Ben: Don’t keep your date waiting! Hahahaha
Me: Arrrhhhgghh mad man.

When I got outside my hostel, I saw a Toyota Camry 2015 parked outside. I wasn’t sure if it was for Prof Aidevo, so I just stood beside it and decided to call her. Just when I was about calling her, the Camry window was winding down, and I saw Prof Aidevo looking so dazzling with a very sexy perfume scent coming out from her Camry car. I was completely speechless, she brought me back to life when she called me, “Tomi!”. ” Yes ma!” I snapped back to life. “Come inside, will you?” She responded. I entered her car and she drove me to a bar. On getting there, she asked me if I drink, I told her no. So she ordered for a fruit shake for me and vodka for herself. We started chatting for sometime and then she poured a little vodka into my fruit shake, and giggled. I smiled and drank it anyway.

The party started. She took me to the dance floor and we started dancing away. It seems the vodka had really taken over her as she started dancing wildly to the loud music. Then she started whining her waist against mine. My mind was blown away, never in my life did I think I would ever rock Prof Aidevo’s sumptuous waist and big back side. She kept rocking her back side against my groin as if her life depended on it. I wasn’t sure again if I was still dancing or having a sexual intercourse, I blamed it on the vodka she took. A part of me hoped she wouldn’t do something crazy, another part of me hoped to have real fun with her.

My third leg was already standing at attention as the full flesh of her back side was being robbed against my innocent third leg. Could this be sexual harassment of body parts? Who cares? As long as both parties are enjoying the act. Just after about 40 minutes of dancing and grinding and whining of waist, Prof Aidevo suddenly turned to my face and kissed me. It almost took me off-balance. She kissed me with so much intensity, that was my first kiss and it was perfect. Then she held me by my hand, and pulled me to the toilet. I was confused about what was going on. When we were both in the toilet, she locked the toilet.

She open the door after I was fully dressed and we both came out looking sweaty and tired. She drove me back to my hostel at around 11:40 pm.

I got inside my room with only Ben full awake with his phone. He asked me for the gist, and I told him everything that happened, we both laughed and slept off at around 2:30am.

I woke up in the morning, went for classes like every other day. I meet a new babe Loveth, on my way out of FLT hall, she was average height and fair in complexion; she wasn’t really endowed in the physical aspect. Loveth had a small waist and a wide hips tho. There was a way she glides her waist from side to side as she walks, this draws me to her like a bee to a nectar. My mumu button was always pressed anytime she smiles at me (Mumu means fool). She was very easy-going and surely knows how to get what she wants from any guy she wants. We chatted on our way back to her hostel, and I collected her number. I got to my hostel, surfed the web, stalked some girls on Facebook, chatted on WhatsApp and bbm for sometime before calling Loveth in the evening time.
Me: Sup Loveth, how was your day?
Loveth: Hiiii, sorry who is on the line?
Me: Its Tomi, the guy that escorted you to your hostel this afternoon.
Loveth: Ohhh yhhh, Tomi….. How are you doing na?
Me: I am fine dear, what’s pumping?
Loveth: Nothing ooo, just in my room chilling.
Me: Really, how come we are doing the same thing?
Loveth: Hehehe, well maybe our spirit is in unison.
Me: Hahaha, you are right. I am feeling bored right now, how about hanging out this night?
Loveth: Hmmm sure no problem, where are we meeting?
Me: Let’s meet in front of the basket ball court, that place is kinda cool.
Loveth: Ohhkayy
Me: Yhhh I will call you when I am about leaving.
Loveth: Alright then..

“Ben, I just called Loveth now, the girl I met after class together, I plan on meeting her soon this night”. “My man!!! I saw the both of you together along Fowler road, I just didn’t want to interfere.” “Yhh gee man, that’s the way, let me go dress up and see what I can get today.” I replied Ben. “Alright bro” Ben replied.

On the phone with Loveth
Me: Hello loveth, where are you?
Loveth: I am still in my room.
Me: I am about leaving, I would meet you at the basket court.
Loveth: Hmm, ok I would meet you there soon.

I got to the basket ball court, at the front of the court where some student couples having romantic times with each other. Some were kissing, some were cuddling, a girl was resting her head on a guy who appeared to be her boyfriend; it looked like the guy was playing with the girl’s body, fondling with her breasts to be precise. “Hmm so this place is a mini love zone for some students who don’t want to leave the school premises.” I pondered.

After about 30 minutes, I saw Loveth coming towards me from afar. She was wearing a tank top and bum short, She was looking so sexy. I hugged her on meeting her, and we decided to take a walk around.

Me: Hmmmm, you are looking so take-away tonight, dressed to kill.
Loveth: Stop teasing me, there is nothing special with the way I am dressed.
Me: There is nothing special? What if you now dress in a special way, that means I am going to die!
Loveth: Hahahaha, funny you, you aren’t going to die, I don’t think I am strong enough to carry you.
Me: Really? You wouldn’t need to carry me, there is an easy way out.
Loveth: (looking curious) , hmmmm what is the way out?
Me: Just as the princess kissed a frog and it became a prince, your kiss would bring me back to life.
Loveth: Hahahaha, you aren’t serious, but your aren’t a frog na, why would I think of kissing you?
Me: I would become a frog just to have a kiss from you.
Loveth: You don’t say.
Me: What do you do during your free time?
Loveth: Hmmmm, sometimes I read a novel,watch movies, dance, gisting with my friends or surfing the net.
Me: I do pretty much, most of the things you mentioned, what more could we have in common?
Loveth: That’s true, maybe you should tell me what you do during your free time.
Me: Hummm, I play games, surf the net, chat online, gisting and laughing with friends, and reading too.
Loveth: That’s nice.
Me: What are your likes and dislikes?
Loveth: Hmmm I like honesty, a thinking person, I like a good sense of humor but I hate liars and pretenders.
Me: Hmmm that’s nice, well I like people who are straightforward, not cunning, and truthful, I dislike hypocrites, pretenders, and liars.
Loveth: Cool.
Me: Have you ever kissed before?
Loveth: Hahaha, why do you ask
Me: **holding Loveth’ hand** I was just wondering…
Loveth: Ok, no I haven’t kissed before.
Me: Have you ever imagined what it feels like to kiss, I mean French kiss?
Loveth: Yes I do imagine that once in a while, hahahahaha, this is funny.
Me: **holding her closer to me and looking at her lips** how do you think it would feel like when another soft and warm lips touches yours. ***moving in closer and closer while holding my gaze on her lips**
Loveth: **now getting more quite and shy** hmmm I think it wld be a nice feeling ***now she is looking at my lips***
Me: **touches her soft lips with mine, and sucked on the lower lips for a brief period**
Loveth: ***Sighed heavily***

I drew her closer and kissed her again, this time covering both lips with my mouth. She pushed me to the ground and started kissing me aggressively, each time I tried getting up, she pushed me down. (fast forward to 20 minutes later) She stood up from me, smiling and looking so fulfilled. I stood up and asked her ” What was that all about?” She shhhhhed me , and started going. This was the weirdest girl I have ever met.

I got to my room around 10:30pm. I didn’t even bother telling anyone what happened outside. The next day which was a Friday, I, Ben ,Tope and some of their friends decided to hit the club, not so far away from school. I forgot to add that students aren’t allowed to leave school, only when they want to withdraw money from the bank or for other legitimate reasons. So we all scaled the school fence on this Friday, got to the club around 10 pm.

When we got to the bouncers, he looked at every one of us but only allowed Ben to enter. Ben tried convincing the bouncers to allow us in, but the bouncers wouldn’t bend, he kept insisting that he can’t allow the rest of us in. So Ben came out of the club for us to plan our entry. We decided to go back to the bouncer and started feigning aggression, the bouncer holding a club almost hit Tope on the head with the club. Tope that used to be a fearless and aggressive person suddenly became an apologetic puppy. Suddenly we heard a very loud bang beside us. There were three bouncers around, the third bouncer who was very big, was with the gun that just got shot. He was either trying to signal those around of the presence of his ammunition or maybe just shooting as a sign. He kept clutching the gun as if he was about shooting another one, when one of his guys teased him “that thing you are holding is toy, stop making noise with it”.

We were still struggling to get inside the club, so I and Ben decided to go meet the bouncers alone. Finally the bouncer agreed he would let us in if we buy beer for the both of them, so I bought a bottle of star and Guinness from the bar adjacent the club. We all started going towards the bouncers with the beer, when a soldier, who was also among the security team told us we can’t take the bear inside the club, it was so frustrating. I and Ben had to go back to the bar to return the beer. We waited for sometime to separate from others and went again to meet the bouncers, they told us to go get the beer, so we went for the beer a second time, that was how we entered the bar at last.

Disappointment befell me when we entered the club. I was expecting to see strippers everywhere considering the amount of time and effort I spent just to enter the club. Anyway the good thing was that I knew a girl who also followed us into the club, so she was the one I had fun with in the club. Some sex workers too were there advertising themselves by dancing sexily with random guys and leaving them abruptly ,so as to create sexual tension in them. Some guys went to meet one particular sex worker, took her out for some minutes and then brought her in again. This happened like five times with different guys. She would come in again and start dancing with guys, she really meant business, but with the look on her face, one could tell she wasn’t here for fun but for business, so I didn’t bother dancing with her, I just enjoyed my self with Jemima the only girl I knew in the club.

Before we got into the club, we were all outside, just beside the bar drinking origin and smoking shisha. That was my first time of taking shisha, it had this flavor in the tongue and a drying effect on my throat, nothing really fun about taking it. I was also dancing with Jemima too outside , I made her lap dance with a guy(me) for the first time. She told me she doesn’t know how to lap dance and she wasn’t willing to. So I decided to lap dance her, she started laughing when I was lap dancing her. That was how she bent. There was nothing really spectacular about a lap dance, at least to me, except to others watching it, who must think I am having the fun of my life. Anyway the entire event was quite fun. We all got to our hostel around 5 am and we all crashed. I woke up really tired around 11:40 am. That was when I started thinking about myself and what I was turning into.

The Tomi I used to be doesn’t fancy parties and sex. The Tomi I used to be was quite content with himself. I asked myself if this was what I really wanted. I was confused. So I said to myself, since this is fun and no body is getting hurt from it, then I am fine with it. What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t hurting anybody but myself. How? We would find out very soon.

(after some days, On whatsapp platform)

Me: Dupe nice whatsapp dp you got there.
Dupe: Awwwnnn, thanks, yours is nice too.
Me: Girls Sha, see the way you post so that everything can shoot out very well to drive the guys crazy, lolz.
Dupe: LOL, I don’t need to shoot out anything, it’s naturally big. (talking about her backside)
Me: Aren’t you the same girl I met in front of NLT in the evening?
Dupe:Yes, maybe because everywhere was dark, you couldn’t see properly.
Me: Ohhh really, then we need to see again ooo. I have a fetish for huge backside.
Dupe:Hahahaha, you are so silly.
Me: &#; What’s your schedule like, today?
Dupe: Nothing much ooo, I am even bored right here.
Me: Guess what I am also bored, how about you come over and say hi?
Dupe: Hmmmm, I will think about it.
Me: What are you thinking about? Come jor.
Dupe:Lol,ok,lemme take my bath. I will let you know when I am coming.

So after about an hour, I picked Dupe at the gate of my hostel and escorted her to my room, it was her second time of coming. While acting like a gentleman and doing ladies first for her to enter my room first, I used the opportunity to size the ass she was talking about, my God, I have never seen one as big as that before since I came to Kage university. Since I set my eyes on it, I have not been acting normal around her. I couldn’t even hold a normal conversation with her, and she was oblivious of what she carried behind her waist that was causing me distress.

So I managed to strike a few conversation with her, we were both alone in my room, I already told my roommates to vacate the room for the both of us. So I offered her some vodka,she was trying to be wise by only drinking small, so I won’t try to do anything quick in her drunk state. So we keep chatting, and I ensured that there wasn’t any table or sit in the room, only the bed, so she would have no other choice than to lay on the bed. So while chatting with Dupe, I ensured maximum body contact, and seized every opportunity to touch her. She was just smiling, it’s like she already knows my end game of wanting to sleep with her. Anyway she asked me if she could use the toilet, she stood up and majestically led herself to the toilet. Wow,I said to myself at the view of God’s creation. This is wonderful. So I started calculating how I was going to make sure sex happens.

When she came back from the bathroom, I was with her phone, she asked me what I was doing on her phone, I told her i was going through her gallery and I was enjoying what I was seeing in it. So she came back to the bed and attempted to see what I was looking at on her phone, and then I prevented her from seeing it. So the struggle for her phone began. As a sharp guy, I tapped current in the process, one thing led to another, when the main deal was about to be done, she resisted saying it was too early. I convinced her that it wasn’t too early. So we had sex. It was great, and then she asked the question, "what are we?" In my mind I knew I wanted nothing more than a fling, or friends with benefits at most, but this question of hers seems to mean she wanted something serious. I replied her "I don’t understand"
Dupe: Where is this going to?
Me: Let’s how it goes, I don’t want us to rush things.
Dupe: But you rushed this.
Me: I’m sorry about that, can we discuss this some other time?
Dupe: (looking upset already)

Anyway, I decided to date her, not out of love but out of pity. The relationship was a very meaningless and possessive one. I was cheating on her, and she was suspecting me, but she had no proof. She prevented a breakup several times, but she drained me emotionally. I lost focus educationally, broke a lot of girls heart and my school result came out bad. Eventually I broke up with Dupe.

Fast forward to some. days, I, Ben and Tope decided to take a stroll in the evening, we were laughing so loudly gisting and having so much fun until suddenly a huge guy dragged me away from my friends, flung me to the ground and started beating me. Ben tried rescuing me, but the other guy dissuaded him. It didn’t take up to a two minutes, they left me, I received the beating of my life from nowhere. It was later learnt that it was Dupe that sent those guys to beat me up got breaking her heart. Since then I have been very careful with the kind of girl I messed with. I didn’t leave my room for a whole week after the incidence. Some of my friends came to see me though. It was an event I didn’t want to relive ever again.

After a week passed I decided to invite Jane over. Surprisingly she came over, she was the one that told me she was too tired to come over the other day, and was forming for me when we first met in class. Generally Jane was a difficult girl and believed the world revolved around her. I suspected she heard about what happened to me, anyway she came over and was actually very nice. I had already recovered from the beating I received the other day, so I was up and going. My mind was in sex again. One would think after the beating, I had learnt my lesson and be a little bit reserved, but no, my mind was already calculating how I would sleep with Jane. So we got talking, laughing and all that, and then I decided to be brave, I started seducing her by touching her on her thigh,she acted like she didn’t notice. So when I started moving my hands further into her skirt, she gave me the most puzzled look
Jane: What do you think you are doing?
Me: (speechless)
Jane: You can’t talk abi? So you brought me here to sleep with me or what?
This girl’s mouth was very blunt, and she gave didn’t give a damn much.
Me:Is there anything that can’t come out of your mouth? (laughing)
Jane: Hissed.

There was an awkward silence between us for like 10 minutes, before she said she was going back to her hostel. So I excort her to the gate and bade her goodbye. The rest of my day was ruined, for the fact that I didn’t do what I wanted, and a girl shut me down.

So exam period came like a thief in the night. It was then I realized that I haven’t been reading. I had a lot of things to cover, so I started speed reading, looking for lecturers handout to read, running from one serious student to another. It was as though I had forgotten what I came to do in school. So I read what I could read, memorized what I could memorize, I did the exam and hoped for the best.

The result came out, and the it was so unlike me. I did very averagely, I wasn’t proud of my result. I use to come first in secondary school, but as fate has it, I lost focus and my education suffered for it.

And so I feel into deep thoughts on my bed, and started counting all the girls I had slept with since I got to school, they were about twenty. I thought of how many heart I had broken, how many girls I had made monsters. And what a monster I had become myself. I was never happy with myself, I wasn’t proud of myself. I felt disappointed in myself, it was all meaningless. I started wishing I never followed the path of Ben. He was leading in his own life, I could have continued as a good boy that I was, and not let social pressure push me into doing things that doesn’t tally with my personality.

You know in life, no one wants to be alienated or left behind while others are having fun and living life. Don’t get me wrong, some people are born to be the life of the party, but no one is born to be a heart breaker. Social pressure is what force some guys to be heart breakers. They set out for something else, and then get swayed into something else along the way just to fit in among their peers. They want to be hailed by their peers as the bad guy,and of course they get hailed. The truth is, this phase of life would surely pass, and the ones who get hailed eventually are they ones that turned out successful in life, and not the ones with the largest count of girls they got in bed with. In the future no one remembers who the bad guys were. No one remembers the life of the party. No one remembers the popular one, the ones that gets remembered are the ones that turned out well in life. The ones that became CEO of the company, the one that became a leader, that people looked up to. No one would remember all you did in the university. What lives after you would surely be remembered. So everything you do now, let it be a step towards that future goal. That goal that people would remember you for in future. Don’t let the temporary social pressure shortchange you. Everyone has a potential great future, it all depends on how you spend your youth now.

Please spend it wisely and remain focused. No one cares what you are going through now, but they would all come to see how you eventually turned out.

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