Beneath the heavens


This is a very old poem of mine:

Beneath the heavens am moving at the speed of light; events are passing by like the clicks of the clock; unknown is the next fate that beholds my tomorrow, yet am moving as though an invisible compass lays on my palm;
the sun sprouts in its full light as fast as darkness overshadows it;
day by day i live my life as though am flipping pages of a book;
Around around i go like in a circle,when would tomorrow come?
my head is full of questions like wine overflowing a cup;
why does your shadow hide behind you in sunlight only for it to escape in darkness?
Why does it take not more than a pin hole to sink the largest ship?
How come the largest tree bear the smallest seed?
If life isnt an irony then it must be playing tricks on us…
unless I am painting a picture of creativity with a brush of imagination over the canvas of my mind?-Adeniran Dapo

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