Faking my death in the swimming pool

I decided to punish the swimming pool security man who refused to let me in on a faithful day at school.

Here was what happened the next day. I came to the swimming pool with a hidden bottle of blood tonic. I went to the rest room to change to my swimming shot, so I put large amount of blood tonic in my mouth. Then I came outside to the swimming pool area, positioned myself by the side of the pool. I then decided to dive into the pool, when I got in deep inside the pool, I opened my mouth, releasing the blood tonic into the water. I remained motionless in the water, I could see some people rushing towards my side and I could hear them scream, it was the same security man who I wanted to punish that "saved" me.

When he got to my position under the water, he carried me out of the water quickly, inspecting my head to detect any injury. He couldn’t find any injury, while I saw him thinking hard, I decided to wake up suddenly and scared the shit out of him, I caught him off balance and he landed himself in the pool. I was chased out of the pool that day, but at least I achieved my aim.

Post Author: Dr Dee

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