Differences between a softbrick, hardbrick and a broken android smartphone

How to tell the differences between a softbrick, hardbrick and a broken android smartphone.

The fundamental thing to know whenever your smartphone isn’t booting anymore is to discover whether your versatile gadget is Hard Bricked, Soft Bricked or Broken. This post will offer you some assistance with differentiating between Soft Bricked versus Hard Bricked versus Broken Android Device.

Soft Brick

Soft brick is the condition of android gadget which happens because of some product issues like boot circles or phone freezing eventually amid a boot. This just happens if some product issue happened in the gadget for the most part in the OS overhaul or ROM flashing.

On the off chance that your gadget is in such state, then you are fortunate there are 99% chances that you can recoup your cherished gadget without requiring any expert help or burning through hundreds of dollars.

“Software” bricking is something that happens when we perform a messy flashing.  Now you may think what does this messy flashing means?

Messy flashing happens when you flash any ROM on your gadget without doing the manufacturer reset. On the other hand that you flashed a ROM which was not made for your gadget!!

Soft bricked gadget characteristics

Gadget stuck on boot logo

Gadget stuck on boot animation

Gadget restarts on its own in an unending circle (boot loop)

The gadget can’t get into Recovery Mode

The gadget can only enter Download Mode

Blunder while flashing new firmware

The following are the conceivable answers for this issues which is separated into 2 stages for soft bricking.

Stage one: At this stage one you will have the capacity to boot into your recovery (custom/stock) however you will be stuck at the boot activity (or on the brand’s logo), in such cases you need to flash your stock ROM back on the gadget. Either by replicating a factory ROM zip file (if accessible) in your outer SD card and flashing it through stock or custom recovery.

Stage two: If the circumstance is that you are not ready to boot into your custom/stock recovery then you are at stage two. In these cases you need to utilize the Smart Phone flashing tools like:

• SP FLASH TOOL  (for MTK chipsets)

• ODIN (for Samsung gadgets)

• Mi flash tool (for Xiaomis)

for flashing. So if the drivers are well installed on the framework which you are utilizing then it will have the capacity to identify your gadget in the “device manager” segment on Windows.

Hard Brick

Hard brick is the condition of Android gadget that happens when your gadget won’t boot at all i.e. no boot circle, and so forth. This happens because of attempting to introduce ROM not made for your gadget or utilizing ROM Manager erroneously. This is harder to solve and regularly require proficient help.

Amid hard brick, the gadget’s kernel gets messed up, primarily because of mistaken ROM or kernel installation You can recover from the hard block by utilizing JTAG or send your telephone to JTAG service centre to get it repaired.

At the point when the gadget has experienced risky conditions such that it stops the recognition of USB, charging and everything that you give to it then the gadget is sadly hard bricked. Some hard bricked gadgets are on a par with a paperweight that we paid for some time ago. In any case, that is the compelling case lets see what are the two stages we have here:

Stage one: At stage one the gadget continues getting disconnected every 5-8 seconds when you connect it to the flash tool by means of USB cord (uniquely with the mtk gadgets I have seen). So, in that case, we just have few moments of time with the goal that we can make the flash tool to recognize the gadget. Consequently, we need to discover certain key combos on the gadget which will prompt recognition of your bricked gadget to flash the “stock ROM” while it kept associated with the data cable. Key combos could be:

* Volume Up + Power button

* Volume Down + Power button

* Volume Up + Volume Down

* Power button alone

Stage two: It happens when a few serious hardware damages happened to the gadget, for example, breaking down of the motherboard, Processors, Internal circuits and so forth. On the off chance that the gadget is in this condition then it does need repair on the portion of the hardware. In the event that the gadget is under guarantee then I prescribe not to break the seal of the organization or else the guarantee will get void.


Broken is a condition of Android gadget that happens when any hardware segment of gadget breaks down. This might happen because of electrical overcharge, gadget dropped, water spilt and so forth. This requires the electrical part being repaired or supplant and does not happen because of any unsupported software installation.

I think you got a little thought regarding the bricking of the gadgets and how to make sense of it if the gadget is hardbricked or softbricked or broken.

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