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I have been making research on how the brain stores information and the best and easiest way to memorize while studying. What i discovered was that the human brain loves to have fun, our brain wants to be actively engaged in whatever it is learning. The human brain has an unlimited capacity to store a gigantic amount of information if done properly.

First you need to understand that if you arent having fun while studying, whatever it is you are reading would be so herculean, slow and tiring. You need to engage your brain by say drawing diagrams related to what you are studying, visualizing whatever you are reading in your mind, most especially associating the new information you are learning with an information you already know.

The amazing thing about the brain is that, it can easily recall a new informstion if it is associated with an old information. For example, while a medical students wants to memorize the hormone called "ghrelin" which is the hunger hormone, at first this word doesnt make sense to the medical student because it is a new and unfamiliar word. The way he can make sense out of the word ghrelin is by associating it with something he already knows. He could imagine a hungry and lin(lean) bear making the "ghreeeee" sound angrily, this way whenever he wants to remember the hunger hormone, he would always remember the hungry, lin(lean) bear making the ghreeeee sound angrily, thats it "ghreeeeeelin".

I decided to share the youtube video(made by wired youtube channel) above to further emphasize my point. What the guy did was to associate all the numbers with a letter or letters, and then he built words with those letters and formed images with the words in his mind. This is known as mind mapping. You would have a building/environment in your mind, where objects/humans that represent different information would be placed in your mind map. I want you to watch the video for better understanding of what mind mapping is all about. He succeeded in memorizing the value of pi to 100 decimal places. Wow!!!

I have used this mind mapping to memorize twenty random objects in a particular order within 20 seconds and I didnt mix anything up. Its a very powerful memorization technique, and it makes learning new information a piece of cake. The key concept is to be able to associate data with objects/anything in your mind and then replay a video of it in your mind whenever you want to recollect all the data. The brain finds it very easy to recollect visual information more than abstract information, so this is basically converting abstract information into visual information and then storing it in the brain.

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    Hi nice write up will def try it out. plz I need links to journals or articles or any other materials on the role of hormonal imbalance in female reproductive infertility.please help me out will really appreciate it thanks

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