10 most mysterious places on earth.


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The 10th on our list of most mysterious places on earth is
10)The mountain at Arizona.
There is an otherwise superstitious mountain located at Arizona where it is claimed to possess gigantic gold mine to make anyone rich beyond his imagination. Many people have gone looking for the mine, but the sad part is that most people who do, dont return back alive. Even some(americans) believe that the treasures found in this mountain are guarded by little people who live in the mountain. Some people claimed to have been there and that they were hearing voices and laughter at the depth of the mountain.

The 9th on our most mysterious places on earth
9)SAA area

The South Atlantic Anomaly(SAA) is located around the coast of brazil, it’s been known to change location and shape from time to time. Whenever scientists want to work in this area, they noticed that their instruments are usually affected by some forces they cant explain. Whenever satellites pass over the SAA they crash and stop functioning properly, a reason why satellites are being shielded. People have detected unusual radiation from the SAA area and tried to explain what causes it. Some predicted it was due to the earth’s magnetic field, this is a speculation and the actual cause is really unknown.

The 8th on our most mysterious places on earth
8)Angikuni Lake
This is located deep in north Canada. There have been stories of whole villages suddenly disappearing in this place without any trace of a single living human. Imagine you passing a village by the lake one day, meeting members of the villagers then on another visit, all the villagers were gone, living behind cooking pots with boiling food in it, clothes that are currently being woven, dogs that were dead from starvation, a grave freshly dug up, food hanging over fire pits and yet no member of the village was found up to date. Some people reported sighting strange lights from the village. Yes, such is the mystery of Angikuni lake.

The 7th on our most mysterious places on earth is
7)The devil’s sea.
This place is similar to the Bermuda triangle, but its worse. Any ship that passes this area, get sunk. It is located around Japan. There was a time the Japanese military ship went on to investigate this mysterious area, that ship never returned to tell the tale. Some people explained that there are volcanic activities there that create gas explosions which sinks every ship that reaches the surface. This is a speculation and no one knows exactly what happens here.

The 6th on our most mysterious places on earth
6)Freak farm
The story goes like this. There was a wolf, which in a rage attacked a farm cattle over and over again , in the presence of bright lightening around the wolf. When the farmer shot the wolf, none of the bullet got the wolf. Scientists then decided to buy the farm from the owner for study. Whatever was found was never revealed to the public.

The 5th on our most mysterious places on earth
5)Point pleasant
This is a small town in west Virginia. People have claimed that this area was filled with a lot of alien activities. Claims have been around that government agents dressed in black go there for alien activities investigation. Guess wha? Even these government agents were said to be aliens themselves.

The 4th on our most mysterious places on earth
4)Triangle at Lake Michigan
There is a place at lake Michigan where aircrafts get missing. There are several occasions where an aircraft would pass over it and never make it through. Pennsylvania Wisconsin was one example of someone who never returned after passing over the lake Michigan. Some people have gone down the lake to investigate, what they found was strange ambones in a ring of stones. Even boats have been reported to sink in this lake suddenly, with no explanation for it.

The 3rd on our most mysterious places on earth
3)The Dyatlov pass
Some hikers decided to transverse the Dyatlov pass one day, and they suddenly met a mountain known as the dead mountain. After some time, all the hikers were found dead in different locations, most of them were half-naked. Their bodies were studied, they noticed some radioactive radiations from their bodies. Some say that it’s some secret agents that decided to test some radioactive weapons on them. Some hikers were found to be wounded by strong blunt force injuries which couldn’t have been inflicted by any animal or human.
The results of the findings were kept secret for a really long time until the fall of the soviet union, many documents were missing and people reported strange sightings from this location.

The first runner up on our most mysterious places on earth
2)Mr hands road
There is a road in Devon England, where a lot of accidents have been recorded. No one has really been able to understand why so much accidents would occur in a seemingly normal road. After so much accidents on this road, a man was able to survive it, and he was able to tell the tale. What he said was that, while he was driving on this road, suddenly two hands appeared on his wheel making the car impossible to control, people said he was insane. Other people too lived to tell the tale and explained the same occurence. So where are these hands coming from?


The first on our most mysterious places on earth
1)Overtone bridge
Over 50 dogs have jumped off this bridge at the exact same spot, and all these dogs were small pet dogs with small snouts. Psychologist has not been able to explain this phenomenon. Some people feared that the spirit of the lady of overtone castle is haunting this bridge and she is still very angry. A man has jumped over this bridge before, when he was lifted out, he said he heard voices telling him that his son was an antichrist in the bridge. What is strange is why someone would suddenly leap from the same spot. Kevin Shields, a psychologist visited this bridge, he felt really strange as if a force was pushing him to leap from the same spot where the dogs have been leaping from. Really creepy.

What do you think about this top ten list of the most mysterious places on earth?

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