The reason why girls dont usually initiate chats with guys


Hello guys. I have been making a little research on why girls don’t usually initiate(start) chats/conversations with guys. Do girls initiate chats with guys? How often?


When I searched online for some answers, I got multiple reasons why girls don’t usually initiate chats as expected. I also got to ask some of my female friends. The reason/s why girls don’t initiate chats are as follows:

1)She could be a shy person naturally.

This girl that doesn’t initiate chats with you might be a shy person, who doesn’t know what to say. She might not be the type who naturally initiate conversations with people. She could be an introvert who prefers a guy to initiate the chat with her.


2)She might not like typing online.

I have met some girls who don’t like typing on social networks/messengers, because they think it’s stressful. Some prefer to talk to you on phone or in person, so they hardly initiate chats online, that would involve lots of typing.


3)She might not want to bother you.

Some girls might not just want to bother you. They don’t know if you are busy, or if you aren’t in the mood to chat. They think initiating a chat with you might be received as bothering you. Girls don’t like to be a source of disturbance, so they would rather wait for you to initiate the chat with them when you are in the mood and less busy.


4)She might have the fear of being labelled "desperate" or "flirty"

Some girls have gone through some experiences with guys. Once a girl initiate a chat with a guy, the guy thinks the girl might be interested in him or she is being flirty with him. Some girls get labelled "desperate" simply because they innocently initiate a chat with a guy who they think is cool.


5)She might not be interested in you.

Sometimes a girl might not just be interested in you. She might think you guys don’t have much in common. So she don’t see the point of initiating the chat with you since the chat won’t flow due to lack of common grounds.


6)She might be a natural snob.

Some girls are naturally snobbish. They have a big ego and would rather die than be the first to say hello. These girls are usually conversation killers. They give single word replies(example: ok, lol, yhh, cool, nice, hehe, k, u 2, same)   and kill the vibes in you to continue the chat. Some might even completely ignore several of your messages altogether without giving you any excuse.  It would be to your own good not to try pushing further.


7)Sometimes she doesn’t feel the need.

It could also be that, a lot of guys initiate chats with her, and you have also been doing the initiation without any problem. She might not think it’s necessary for her to initiate the chat since you have been doing it, and no one has been complaining.


8) She might feel that it’s the guy’s duty to initiate the chat.

We have some girls who hold the belief that as a woman, the guy should be the one reaching out. They believe women shouldn’t be the proactive ones. Some also have the female pride, initiating the chat/s might be like reducing their value to the guy.

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