3 life strategies everyone should learn from footballers.

3 Life Strategies Everyone Should Learn From Footballers

It’s a goooaaaalllll!!!  We all love to hear that word whenever our favourite team is playing.
“The goal has been disqualified,” says the commentator who a few seconds ago shouted “goal”.  Did your heart skip a beat? Did you lose your bet on the underdogs?
Aww… How painful! I’m really sorry about that. But I’m not here to bore you with football talk. I want to share some life strategies that you should learn from a footballer. Most times we often watch football matches without considering the lessons we should learn from each match. Take, for instance, Real Madrid Vs Rayo Vallecano where Real Madrid came from a two goals deficit to end the match on a 10-2 scoreline. Incredible!
Below are 3 life strategies everyone should learn from footballers.

1. Coaches/Mentor. Every footballer has a coach; someone who mentors him in the game. From superstars like Ronaldinho, Messi, and CR7 to legends like Pele, Maradona to mention a few, there’s always a coach/mentor that groomed them into what they were today. The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8th ed. defines a mentor as someone who advises and helps somebody with less experience over a period of time. These footballers aren’t just helped over a period of time. They’re helped constantly; often before each match no matter how unimportant the match may be. Now, let’s look at our daily life scenario. Do we have mentors? Most times, no. Do we have coaches? To many, that’s a waste of financial resources. For you to succeed in your daily endeavours, you need to
have a coach, someone with more experience in your field than you. They don’t necessarily need to be with you physically before they can offer you their priceless advice. Why not find an expert in your field and make him your coach/mentor. Don’t forget to buy them a special Christmas gift.


2. Teamwork. Every player that gets into the football pitch has the basic principles of teamwork embedded into him. These principles are drummed into their ears from the time they enter the teams till when they depart. Its implication is that it
makes them ready to collaborate and cooperate with others to achieve one major aim; to score a goal against their opponent. In reality, most of us eschew teamwork. We all want to take the glory for that invention, for that master plan, for that exquisite design and mind-blowing business proposal. We tend to forget that no man is an island. If we inculcate the habit of teamwork and delegation of duties into our daily lives, then achieving number three point would be very easy…


3. Goals. The major aim of a footballer is to take instructions from his coach/mentor and apply it to the principles of teamwork he has learned in other for his team to score a goal. This implies that without the first two life strategies, they would find it difficult if not impossible to achieve the third strategy. So here’s what to do to achieve that goal of yours. First, find a mentor as I requested earlier. Secondly, you should learn the principles of teamwork. And lastly, you should define a goal for yourself. What’s your goal of working in that firm, as a fireman, as a doctor, as a nurse, as a teacher? If you are able to define your goals, you’ll achieve it. It takes only time. There are many other things that one could also learn from a footballer. I leave you with this question; if a player like Cristiano Ronaldo misses a goal in the first five minutes of the game, does it mean he still cannot score? Certainly not? Or perhaps, if he fails to score in match A, does that make him anything less than the world’s best player that he is?

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