Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS

It has been long, 7 years from 2008, the debate about the greatness of Android and iOS growls on in the real life and virtual discussions among experts or common man. Both Android and iOS are operating systems programmed primarily in Smartphone and tablets.

These are developed by Google and Apple Inc chronologically. First and the most established fact for these systems: iOS is more Apple’s that user while the Android is more for users. Android is a Linux based open source operating system while the iOS is a UNIX based closed system with few open source component.

Another well-established fact that moving elements like emails, contacts, music, movies, photos and documents from Android to iOS are much easier than to transfer them the other way.

Security issues for those operating systems have some similarity and some dissimilarity as well. Both Android and iOS feature security issues like traditional access control, isolation, permission-based access control, limited hardware access, resistant to web-based attacks.

In contrast, Android lacks the security issues like Geolocation and auto-erase of iOS.

While Android supports Google store, as mother and different application marketplace like Amazon, the level of verification may not be same every time. An application has to pass various hard-line verification tests for being available in the Apple Store. As a result, downloading applications in iOS is considered safer than Android.
There are few common features for those operating systems with own identities like App store, video chat, internet browsing, virtual assistant, Maps etc. The virtual assistant Siri is available in iOS from the beginning but only the latest version of Android has the Google Now facilities.


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