How to save on a wedding planner.

How to save on a wedding planner

Weddings can be expensive especially when you are planning a big one. The most expensive part is hiring a wedding planner, someone who will make that big day unforgettable with little or no hitches at all.

Wedding planners often come in price range depending on how big you want the wedding to be and the conditions that of course you as the bride always make, after all, you are paying for it. But no matter how loaded you are or how big you want to spend you can always do with some cuts, especially on a wedding planner.

So if you are looking to save money on a wedding planner here are some small friendly tips.

Use close friends as wedding planners.
You can always ask your close friends to help out with the wedding things. As much as they may not be top class planners, you can always do with a little help from different people who know you better and your taste and what you like. Furthermore, they can help bring great wedding ideas to the table.

Get married on offseason
Weddings mostly happen in seasons and during the high seasons, one is bound to spend a lot on their wedding. This is the time wedding planners charge as they like without compromising even a little bit. So try to set a date when couples are getting hitched less. You will end up spending less on the wedding planner who will be definitely just looking for a gig to get by with as they are not plenty out there.

Consider doing some planning yourself
This will leave the wedding planner with less work to do and the less it is the cheaper it becomes. You can, for example, make and send the wedding invitations, choose, order and make the flower arrangements and organize where they should be, you can also deal with the furniture, tents, reception area and finding the venue for the wedding. By doing this the wedding planner will have little to do apart from now managing and coordinating the events of the day.

You can also use non-wedding planners
Event planners always do almost the same thing. They, however, can be pricey when they are approached in their organizing and planning specialities like weddings and rallies or fundraising. The less you divert from those who only plan weddings the more you stand a chance of getting cheaper services.

Choose a wedding planner in your price range
As much as you want to go bigger on your wedding day, remember to always choose a wedding planner that falls in between your price range. This will help you make use of the money elsewhere when the need arises or even help in making extra pays just in case.

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