Natural treatment for a depressed person

Natural treatment for a  depressed person.

It’s more important to find the cause before we initiate any treatment as without understanding the cause of the disease it’s impossible to find its
appropriate solution.
Nowadays, people assume a false meaning of depression, some of us thinks depression is a mental illness and some of us even call the depression a disease, but it’s different from a disease or a mental
illness. A disease is something which is directly associated with abnormal functioning of any body
part, where the study of the symptoms of the disease is termed as Pathology. Where illness is a condition of a person being unhealthy like a person having cold or fever are simple examples of illness.

Then what is depression?
Depression is a mental disorder of a person which is not directly associated with the physical disease or illness of the person, but directly
with the mental state of the person. Depression is most common and being widely spread in today’s generation, as the lifestyle of the people changes which directly affects the mental state of the person. Depression is different from just being sad. A normal sadness remains in anybody’s life for a short period of time where depression lasts for long and it’s really difficult to overcome the depression. People suffering from depression, even stop leaving their regular lifestyle and loss their ability to enjoy life. The most common symptom of a depressed person is reckless behavior, hopelessness, low feeling, feeling of anxiety, lack of concentration, not willing to do things which the person earlier loves to do. Sometimes a depressed person can even feel urge to commit suicide. So it’s very important to find a solution to treat any person from depression before it’s too late.

There are few modest things which can help a lot to a depressed person, in getting aid to overcome from it.

1. Make your schedule: Making a good time table or keeping yourself busy is necessary. It not only improves our life style but an empty mind Can cause risks to the society as well as to the person too.

2. Good eating habits: A healthy mind can only present in a healthy body, everybody must eat hygienic food and fruits containing folic acid,
vitamin B6, vitamin B12 which helps to relax the mind.

3. Good Sleep: – Proper rest and a good sleep is the most essential treatment to people suffering from depression. Depressed people don’t sleep well, which stress their minds more and leads them towards depression.

4. Yoga/Workout: doing yoga practice or physical exercising helps in secreting good hormones in the mind, which helps a lot to the depressed person to ease the depression.

5. Meditation/visualization: – Spending some of your time for mediation or visualizing the things
which makes you feel good is also a natural treatment for depression.

6. Good company: -Depressed person usually isolates themselves, but rather they should try to find pleasure in their life, they must try to
have fun with their friends, any family member or with anyone with whom they feel good to be with.

7. Start reading good books: Reading good books is also a treat your mind and works as a remedy for the depressed person.

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