Ways to love yourself so others can love you.


Many times we get neglected by the people we love the most. We get hurt emotionally and mentally by the people we value the most. We do everything in our hands to make them happy but we do not get anything in return. Have you ever thought why?

Answer is simple. It is because we neglect our own self. If we will not love our self completely, nobody will admire us. This is the reality of life.
To love and to be loved is a feeling that cannot be expressed easily. We have sorted some ways for you which will surely help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

Be yourself:
We get into a relationship because we want to be comfortable and happy with somebody. For a long lasting relationship, be original. Do not pretend in front of your partner. Do not fake yourself. Express your likeness and dislikes to him. Do not hide your true self from him. Nobody is flawless in this world. If you do not like basketball, simply tell him. People who love you truly will accept all your flaws and still love you no matter what.

Keep on dreaming:
Be impassioned for your wishes and dreams. Remember, you only get to live once so enjoy it to the fullest. Do not let go of your dreams. It keeps you alive and motivated. Do not think about others. Think about your happiness and inner satisfaction. Dare to dream big and strive for your goals. Do not ever lose the fervency in you.

Your appearance:
Accept yourself as the way you are. Wear clothes that make you comfy, dress like you love to. You do not need to wear tons of makeup to impress your partner. When you are comfortable and relaxed people get attracted to you. All you need is a big smile and sparkling eyes which only comes when you love yourself deeply.


Be smart:
So you are brainy but you pretend to be dumb in front of him? Do not waste your intellectual abilities. Girls usually think that if they will play dumb, they will get attention. Well, they are wrong. People actually like smart girls. If you are a bibliophile and adore libraries, tell him straight away.

Do not look for approvals
Finally, you cannot make everyone happy. Stop proving yourself in front of others. Spend some time alone with yourself. Only you define yourself, not somebody else. The day you approve your existence, that day will bring a big positive turn out in your love life.

Be amorous for yourself. Do not wait for people to make you happy. Be your own happiness and people will go head over heels for you.

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