Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships


"So, you’re in a long distance relationship?! You guys are so brave!!"
"You really think it’ll work out?”
"You must be trusting him/her a lot to take that step"
These are the things you hear the most when you tell people you are in a long distance relationship. The moment people hear the word long distance they automatically think it’s not going to work. Maybe it’s because we have hardly seen any long distance relationship workout. The main reason long distance don’t workout is because of trust issues.


You are always wondering what the other person is doing. And sometimes when your significant other is too busy you start overthinking and you start to wonder what if he/she is with someone else. This is very normal although wrong. As someone who currently is in a long distance relation ship I’ve had this feeling too. But if you really love that person and trust that person it’s going to work out. You should understand that your special one has a social life and can’t spend every free time with you and sometime might not even have a free time. Sometime they could be too busy to answer your calls and texts too. These are the thing you need to understand.


Trust,patience and communication are the keys to working out a long distance relationship. You need to be patient with your partner and communicate properly.


Trust is the key to every relationship in the world but it’s one of the main reason long distance relationship don’t work out. If you don’t trust your partner then long distance relationship is not for you. You need to trust that your partner is not going to cheat on you or hurt you in this relationship. If he/she doesn’t pick your call or reply to your text immediately then you should trust him/her and think that they are busy with work or friends and not making out with someone else behind your back. Relationship without trust cannot withstand distance at all. So if you love someone and want to be in a long distance relationship, I hope you trust that person first.


Sometime you and your special one might not be able to text you or talk to you properly for a week or so because of timezone difference and work/study load and at that time you need to patient. Be patient and know that they will make time for you and they are trying and also they will have an explanation for why they are busy. You just need to be patient. Another important thing is that you and your special one should not have any secrets between you both and talk it out if anything bothers any one of you. Bottling up your feelings is one of the worst things to do and can end up breaking the trust and ultimately destroy the relationship.


As for my experience in a long distance relationship me and my special one went through a lot of ups and down because of me mostly not realising these things I mentioned above and I had to learn these things the hard way. The main thing I realised after being in a long distance relationship for almost a year is that you have to be strong and not depend on other or especially your special one to be their for you all the time because of the distance and time. And yes, it does take a lot effort and work and balancing both of your schedule to talk with each other even for a minute sometimes but at the end go the day it’s all worth it believe me. The love between you and your partner will definitely be worth the distance. Best of luck to anyone in a long distance relationship or to those about to be in one cause you’re going to need it and I hope it’’l be worth it to you as it is for me.

And lastly if there is a will there is a way and love is all about taking risk and trusting be it in any type of relationship including long distance relationships.

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