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A life without best friends is a life not lived. Friends are an integral part of each of our lives with whom we share many of our most significant life events. However, we all have that one friend who’s a class above the rest. We feel privileged to have known that one person we proudly call our best friend.

It probably started with a casual conversation, a classroom discussion or even a random laboratory partner assignment. You probably didn’t even talk to him or her much in the beginning. But then one day when both of you had a conversation you immediately hit it off. Thus began what both of you are confident will be a lifelong friendship.
The best friend is the person who is always there for you. They are your biggest critic and your biggest supporter. They glorify you for the smallest of achievements and vilify you for the smallest of errors. Even when you’re being buried by criticism for something your best friend strongly disapproves of, you can’t help but notice the didactic tone strongly underlying it.
You can talk with your best friend for six hours at a stretch and then not talk for a month only to pick up where you left off your last conversation.
The common interests both of you share can provide unlimited fuel to the conversation and the sheer amount of content both of you can generate on a single topic sometimes surprises people.
Nothing can distance you from your best friend. Both of you might reside in completely different time zones on diametrically opposite points on the globe, both of you may have largely overlapping or mutually exclusive life goals but these seem irrelevant when a conversation ensues with both of you on either end.
We forget our insecurities, our jealousy, our grievances and even our past conflicts when we are conversing with our best friend. It’s only the best friend who gets to see your true uninhibited self.

The assortments of masks we have to adapt to blend into society and conform to societal parameters finally come off in front of that one person.
When we are overflowing with frustration and negativity our best friends are always there beside us to hear us rant on and on and on until we’re finally purged of the bitterness, ready for tomorrow.

The best friend doesn’t judge no matter how badly you screwed up or how questionable the morals behind your most recent screw up were. Both of you know each other’s deepest darkest secrets, insecurities and issues.
Fights ensue as rapidly as they dissipate because no issue possibly exists which is more important than your best friend’s inextricable presence in your life.
Neither of you spares any expense to insult or embarrass each other when nobody’s around but when someone else tries to do the same, nothing less than a blitzkrieg ensues.

Nothing seems to work. The deadline seems to move forward at a velocity comparable to that of light. Contradictions keep piling up left and right. Keeping calm and carrying on seems to be next to impossible in the face of such dire circumstances. It is in situations like these that we need someone to keep our sanity intact and prevent us from absolutely freaking out. What would we do without our best friend in situations like these? He may or may not be the most brilliant mind around but his confidence and deep understanding of our cognitive processes infuse some much-needed impetus and enthusiasm into your mind and soul.
Both of you have an entire mental library of embarrassing anecdotes about each other which can be called to action in the shortest of notices. However, you’re also aware of those few things which shouldn’t be talked about, EVER!
The brutality of your honesty with each other borders on insensitive, insolent even contemptuous but both of you are okay with that. There should be at least one person who’ll tell you how stupid and imbecile like your plan to woo that hot girl was or that you actually look fat in that new top.
No party, family occasion or vacation is complete without your best friend.
Both of you have a bucket list of places to visit over the next decade or so. Irrespective of the number of boxes that actually get checked in that list, the sheer amount of enthusiasm and excitement that went into making that list was priceless in itself.
In the end, when we lie on our deathbeds waiting patiently for the grim reaper to knock at the door we look back on our entire lives and every moment we recollect spending with our best friend brings a smile to our wrinkled, senile faces.
If that isn’t a life well lived, I don’t know what is.

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