Problems faced by girls in relationships

Problems faced by girls in relationships

Relationships can be heavenly but they can also often resemble the opposite, hell. This type of negative association is often experienced when facing some of the common problems faced by girls in relationships.

We all know that each relationship will have hurdles and obstacles to overcome, but at the end of the day, we all dream and desire a healthy and happy relationship. Unfortunately, some relationships produce problems that are unhealthy and toxic for everyone involved. Due to this, it is important to distinguish which relationship problems can be considered healthy and which are creating a toxic environment. Below we look at some of the common problems faced by girls in relationships and how you can tell whether the problem can be resolved in a healthy manner or if it is causing toxic interaction.

A lack of communication is often the biggest problem faced by girls in a relationship. Communication problems can also include not communicating correctly or not communicating often enough. It is important to determine what the cause of the communication problem is. If the problem arises after a disagreement, this may be a sign of passive aggressive behaviour and may lead to unhealthy developments in the relationship.
If the lack of communication is due to a busy schedule, then you need to decide if you would want to make time to communicate more or if your schedule is more important than your relationship. If the answer is the latter, then it is better to end the relationship and focus on your current goals. A lack of communication caused by any negative emotions such as insecurity or dissatisfaction should be closely monitored and a plan must be devised to change the communication patterns in your relationship. To start bridging your communication gaps, you will need to dedicate time to talking and talk openly and honestly during these times.

Couples in relationships are often not sexually in sync. This can be a common problem and for girls, this can easily become extremely stressful and make you feel like you are doing something wrong. The first step is to realise that sometimes, people just don’t match up so well sexually, however, this is luckily something you can work on. Try planning romantic encounters when you both have time available to be relaxed and enjoy yourselves. If your sexual clocks are not the cause of your bedroom mishap, then the cause of the sexual imbalance must be determined.
If the thought or act of engaging sexually with your partner stirs any nervous or negative feelings, you need to take some time to determine why these feelings are surfacing. It is a good idea to seek help from a sex therapist or psychologist to guide you through your own emotions and thoughts. Such negative feelings may not disappear on their own and may lead to you fearing sexual interactions in future. Therefore determining the cause of the negative feelings you associate with sex should be your first priority. Once you have determined whether these feelings are from occurrences from your past or due to your partner’s actions, then you can determine how you will proceed with the relationship. If the feelings are in fact due to anything you have experienced in the current relationship, it is essential that you discuss this with someone you trust and establish if you can commit further to the relationship. Sometimes it can also be because you believe sexual relationship before marriage is wrong, if this is the case, then you can agree with your partner not to have sex, if he doesn’t agree then you have to move on.

Conflict is often seen as a natural problem faced in relationships. However, it remains important to remember that there are different kinds of conflict and several kinds can be very unhealthy. In relationships, it is important that we distinguish between normal disagreements and then more severe conflict.
No two people will ever agree on everything but there should be a healthy manner in which conflict is exhibited in a relationship. If conflict seems to spiral out of control, leads to passive-aggressive behaviour, aggressive outbursts or abusive behaviour, then this is unhealthy conflict and help should be sought urgently. Healthy conflict does exist and would mean that both you and your partner can discuss your feelings openly, without judgment or insult from the other and without it leading to any of the unhealthy conflicts mentioned previously.

Past relationships often leave girls with many doubts that cause them to struggle to trust their current partners. Trust issues can be very debilitating to a relationship and if not addressed soon enough, it can create a major emptiness or weakness in the relationship, leading to other issues such as lack of communication.
The common trust problems in relationships are usually one of two things. You may either experience a lack of trusting your partner alone with other people or you may have a lack of trust in their decisions and opinions. Both of these issues are difficult to deal with and will take a lot of patience from yourself and your partner to change. You need to determine the reasons you are experiencing these issues and ensure that it is not linked to your current partner. If your partner has exhibited behaviour that made you trust them less, you will need to decide if you can forgive and move on from this or if this is a deal breaker. Simultaneously, if the trust issues stem from past relationships, it is time to get honest with yourself and start healing; you should not have the past mess with your present and future.

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