Hoia Baciu forest, the most haunted forest in the world.


Hoia Baciu Forest known as the most haunted forest in the world may Be A Perfect Movie Location out in cinemas on February 2016 in a new horror film called “The Forest” starring Game of Thrones favourite Natalie Dormer. Her character Sara senses her twin sister is in grave danger and embarks on a rescue mission into the Aokigahara forest, also referred to as the suicide forest. This film has been slaughtered by critics scoring a record low of 8% on rotten tomatoes.

Perhaps it was the choice of forest that resulted in poor reviews. Personally, I would choose the Hoia Baciu Forest as the subject matter for a gripping movie. There are numerous haunting stories and unexplained events that are the makings of a whole host of cinematic pleasures.

Hoia Baciu Forest was named after a Shepherd who disappeared with 200 of his sheep there. It is situated near the city of Cluj­Napoca in Transylvania, right in the heart of Dracula territory, with strange disfigured trees that meet the surreal demands of a Tim Burton masterpiece. These trees are said to be haunted by Romanian peasants that were cruelly murdered there, their tortured souls are trapped and will forever continue to stalk the forest with their presence. Many visitors report high levels of anxiety and an eerie feeling they are being watched. Many people claim they have heard voices. Faces and strange apparitions appear in photos but were not seen by the naked eye.

Tourist has also reported poltergeist behaviour. People who have entered the forest report many physiological effects such as rashes, migraines, nausea, vomiting, nose bleeds and even stranger effects such as scratches, bruises and burns. This is a place locals avoid, especially at night. Whatever is in this forest does not want you there.


Another side effect is missing time, many have disappeared for long periods but have no recollection of what happened to them when they are found. The most famous story was about a 5-year-old local girl who entered the forest only to return 5 years later wearing the same clothes. President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology Dr Adrian Patrut has investigated this matter. Using witness accounts, videos and photos, he concluded that there sufficient evidence of a genuine Bermuda triangle. Patriot along with other investigators have been analysing paranormal activity in the area since 1970 but still, no logical explanations have been discovered.


In 1968 biologist Alexander Dift took a picture of a strange disc object in the sky. In the same
year, a military technician called Emil Barnea also took snaps of suspicious UFO activity. Since then orbs of bright light have been reported amongst the trees. The last sighting was reported by local residents in 2002. These lights have been investigated using thermal detectors and infrared cameras. No heat was radiated from these lights meaning these effects are not produced by a man-made device. Could this be an effect of an extraterrestrial or paranormal activity?


A sight that records high levels of activity is an unexplainable circular area that rejects anything that could grow there. Samples of the soil have been tested by scientists from around the globe but nothing suggests why this is the case. It is a 300-metre dead zone where most paranormal events are reported. Electronic devices malfunction. It is clear humans, plants and man-made objects are not welcome.

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