An abandoned experiment: Superconducting super collider USA

Superconducting super collider USA

For a start, it is crucial to know what we’re talking about, and what kind device is supercollider, so we can better understand what kind machinery has been cancelled, and for what reasons. What is Superconducting super collider?

Superconducting super collider or Particle accelerator or a particle accelerator is a device in which the electrically charged particles (electrons, protons, ions and other) permanent or alternating electric fields accelerate to high kinetic energy. The final energy of the particles depends on the accelerator. A particle accelerator is used in elementary particle physics to research the structure of matter (the creation of new elementary particles and explore the unknown properties of fundamental interactions). In nuclear medicine, it is used for the treatment of radiation and in the industry for some technological processes (sterilization, polymerization), material testing, production of radionuclides and else.

What happened to Superconducting super collider in Texas exactly? Well, this is the project belonging to the most amazing abandoned research facilities in the world.The simple reason is behind all of them. It is too expensive to continue. So, while most research institutions having fulfilled the task, renovating and adapting to new experiments, some of them are just too unique and narrowly directed to reorder or too expensive for destruction, which finished just – abandoned

When science and research in western world become a problem too challenging and complex to be solved in the laboratory, the next logical step is to build bigger and better laboratories. The greatest scientific endeavours that for centuries had revealed the mysteries of the universe, but still, somehow, when it served their purpose, they were dismissed as some bad habit.
Space guns are rusting in tropical forests and strictly private listening stations; various similar objects have become today places that attract just adventurous and crazy brave. Many of ridiculous attempts of mankind to understand the world are abandoned as a sad testimony to the constant pursuit of human knowledge. Super-conducting Super Collider (Texas) is one of the most incredible abandoned research facilities in the world. Long before CERN’s collider, the US worked on a project that is expected to grow into the largest Particle accelerator in the world. Super-conductive super collider in Texas, a massive underground complex of scientific, should have produced three times more energy than CERN’s project.

Just to understand how huge facility is we need to mention also the Chinese largest Particle accelerator in the world: Twice bigger and more powerful than CERN.
Unfortunately, expenses exceeded the planned budget of several billion dollars which is why the US Congress decided to suspend the project shortly after starting work in the early 90s. The tunnel length of over 25 kilometres which is supposed to be located accelerator, but it was excavated, and today it is filled with water. The building above ground is still empty in the middle of the Texas desert.

Just to explain the procedure of realizing such project as was Super-conducting Super Collider. Many criteria are discussed in detail among philosophers of science. The biggest complaint appears to be a great thesis opposing experience, since many modern discoveries such as the theory of the Big Bang, just like that. But the need for this kind of test that could determine in advance what is pathological science, and what is not, based on the aspiration to be in big science projects not to waste human nor financial resources. At the same time, scientists and especially philosophers who deal with methodology, justifiably refuse the concept of profitability of individual research.

Superconducting Super Collider (Texas) was exactly such example that occurred in 1998 when the US Congress suspended the construction of large particle accelerators, Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), a huge and powerful instrument that could help in resolving key secrets of particle physics. When Congress decided that the American people had no money to fund this type of research and declared as too expensive to build. On SSC has already been spent $ 5.2 billion, a paradox is not only the sum of lost money, but it was necessary to spend more than half of that to cover the hole in Texas for the construction of SSC.
Certainly, it is impossible to know decades in advance what projects can lead to a subsequent development of new technologies, and expectations that the researchers themselves ways assessment of the usability of their findings are at least naive and limit the room for manoeuvre and freedom of research. Development of science itself and its technology is has a practical consequence of the simultaneous and unpredictable process. But that does not mean that the distribution of funds should participate and pathological experiments.

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