The world’s largest labyrinth: Odessa Catacombs Ukraine

Odessa catacombs Ukraine

In Ukraine beneath the city of Odessa are hiding tunnels and throughout entire underground hellish labyrinth. Odessa Catacombs are the largest catacombs in the World because of his amazing length of 2,500 kilometres! With this length, it is greater even than the Roman catacombs and those under the City of Light -Paris. All tunnels are created in such way that certain death awaits almost anyone who is unfortunate enough to lose among ruins. If you look closely at any map, you will notice how complicated these catacombs are.
There is a big problem with measuring, as no topography of Odessa catacombs is known. Only small part of catacombs is publicly acknowledged. There is “Museum of partisan glory” located in Nerubaiskoe village, north of the city of Odessa. This museum is the only Ukranian underground museum, and he was established in 1969. The museum is a monument to a Vladimir Molodtsov – Badaev, Soviet Union hero. Badaev heroism is one of the proudest moment of the Ukranian history. This is familiar almost as bedtime stories about fallen heroes fought for their country against Nazi.

In addition to the enormous length, it is important to say that the tunnels are located at three different levels, and it can go up to 60 meters below the level of the sea. The temperature in the Odessa catacombs can get low as 14 degrees Celsius. History of these catacombs is particularly interesting.
Odessa catacombs were created in 19th century by digging stones, from whom they built most of the houses in the old part the town. Also, Soviets used them as resources during World War II to fight the German forces. They were a shelter for hundreds of Soviet partisans during World War II, who were hidden beneath Nazi feet.

To bring you closer how these catacombs with there are one of the most bizarre stories that happened in 2005. year. According to the local newspaper, one girl after a party with friends wandered into the catacombs of Odessa, and unfortunately, a girl after three days of walking through the tunnels eventually died of hunger, thirst. What is even scarier is the data that to the Police of city Odessa took almost two years to find her remains. If you take into consideration that there were daily search parties, and to all of them need two years to find someone, then you have the slightest picture how big is this underground complex. In these catacombs researchers were finding long-dead partisans, various animal species, in rare case people reported finding a perfectly mummified body that has been dried from dry air in tunnels combined with cold. And who knows, maybe something else will be discovered that we haven’t heard or seen yet.

With all these anecdotes in mind, it is safe to say this is the worst place in the world where you could get lost and die in the most extreme conditions. By some estimates there a more than 1,000 entrance to the catacombs! Each and every one of them is an endless labyrinth that for sure will leave you to wander for many days if you are not familiar enough with this maze. By today’s law, it is strictly forbidden to enter Odessa catacombs, it is even illegal, as only tiny part of catacombs are publicly open. It is an extreme danger to explore on your own, as the very harsh conditions are inside, no matter what entrance you choose. But, there are professionals who you can hire. In today’s world it is very popular to live dangerously, so more dangerous place, more attractive. And there is no surprise that this location becomes very popular among tourist, especially to those who are in search of adventure. It is advisable to start from a museum which is full of moments from history, and there you can only grasp rich history this place have.

Todays, this entire ground is used for various Ukrainian professionals groups, who are sometimes very competitive to find anything that has been left for many years. What is a big problem for this groups is every few years there are some people get lost. In this case, all these groups put aside their differences and join in search expeditions. Till today, many children who accidentally wandered into catacombs have been saved by this groups.

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