Bleeding Anger


Here is a short poem (bleeding anger) written by me on the 8th June 2016, out of my usual different imaginative nights. Enjoy.


Bleeding Anger.

An innocent heart sought out love with utmost sincerity.
A naïve spirit gave his love with his full spirit.
I was completely honest to you, I was my purest form.
I was willing to please, unaware of the evil hearts around.
Several times I tried to assure myself that its real.
several times I told myself to keep pushing my zeal
Now my heart is broken, over and over to a fine powder.
Now I see things through the blurred glass of the plastered powder.
I was an innocent,simple and delicate angel.
But now I am a ruthless,intolerant and uncompromising monster.

The monster you have created have come to hunt you down!!!
No force nor energy could stop this doom you have started.

I will break your spirit into the finest powder.
I will crush your soul to the deepest pulp.

My fury has no limit as the universe expanding.
My rage has no end as a perfect circle.

You will pay for everything you have done to me.
You will pay with every single matter and energy you have in you.

I will make you obsolete.
I will kick you into oblivion.
I promise you!!!!!!!!!!


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