I and my loyal tad


I wrote this poem on the 30th of June.


My loyal tad bring bitter and sweet snacks to me.
Jolly we move far and near where my swift legs take us.

Distress is my requite to every bitter tad gives

Ecstasy is my requite to every sweet tad gives

So much I hate and love the cord that ties me to my tad
That I sought a knife to cut the cord to see how free I be.

Her presence burdens me, a push in requite to her pains

Her absence empties my soul, no use without tad next to me

For time, I spent alone without her, to have a boon relish.

Those time, drained me, that I knew I cldnt do much without her

An incongruous feeling I have for you my tad.

So much love , yet so much grudge, forever, my life I have to take with tad.

My tad was a part of me, I wish was here, yet far away from me.

My tad is all I got. My tad, my emotions.

Post Author: Dr Dee

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